skincare recommendations?

  1. Just wondering whether you ladies can help me. I'm trying to replace my entire skincare regimen.

    I have normal to dry skin, no problems in the T-zone. No breakouts, some dry patches. But sometimes after applying moisturizer, my skin feels sticky. Also, my skin is a bit uneven in this after I started using skincare products.

    I also have the heater on high, so my skin dries out even faster and I've been reapplying moisturizer throughout the day without washing my face first, so now I just got my first pimple.

    Also have dark circles under my eyes.

    Should I start using antioxidants or anti-aging formulas? I'm turning 22.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for any or all of my problems? Thanks!
  2. Hi! It sounds like you have to find the right moisterizer so your face doesn't feel sticky. Try some samples from high-end brands available at departments stores. I have also tried drugstore brands such as Roc and Olay. Olay is a great moisterizer and they give out samples regularly by mail. Just sign up at their website. I have done the sample route to find the right one and then spend the money on something that works for my skin.

    Don't forget to exfoliate so the moisterizer can soak in better and to get rid of those dry patches and to prevent pimples, since you may over-do it on the moisterizer. Drink lots of water and please stay out of the sun! Or use sunscreen, hat and shades. :supacool: Good for you that you are concerned about your skin at your age!
  3. Hi! We have a very similar skin type. Right now, this is my skincare regimen and it works excellently.

    Bobbi Brown Rich Cream Cleanser
    Bobbi Brown Soothing Face Tonic
    Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream
    Bobbi Brown Extra moisturizing balm with SPF 25 (for day)
    Bobbi Brown overnight cream (for night)