Skincare products & Makeup for Oily/Acne prone skin

  1. Hi Everyone!
    I've seen a lot of topics of different skin care lines and they're kind of confusing to read through so i thought i'd make one specificically for oily/acne skin.

    I'm almost 25 and I have been using clinique for almost 5 years, plus their acne line. I'm starting to think i need to more onto something else because i believe it is starting to make my skin even more oily.

    Does any here have the same type of problem i do (with oily/acne prone skin?) and what type of skin care line and makeup do you use? and how long have you used it? i'm really up for anything and my city has an ULTA and Sephore.

    Thanks so much!
  2. For skin care, I use Clare Ledor cleanser, toner, clay mask and anti-aging moisturizer for acne prone skin. Using all these has improved my skin immensley and keeps it breakout free. Her products are all natural, not too expensive and work great. I don't use a foundation as I've not found one I like. I use the Everything Pencil for covering up small red imperfections and then just Burt's Bees vanishing facial powder - works wonderful.:smile:
  3. Clinique works horrible on my face. I have a very oily skin and also always allergic to many cosmetic brands. Now am happy with Estee lauder -Advanced Night Repair and I put my Sisley moisturiser on top. It works great and now am happy with my skin.

    I also use Estee Lauder - Perfectly Clean Foaming cleanser (for normal/combinaton skin) and I am very recommended this cleanser to you as I feel very great after using it.
  4. My skin was really oily before but I think I managed to calm it down a notch. But I'm not really giving the credit to the foundation that I use. I think my skin just likes f'in with me and sprouts little zitties here and there even when I treat it well and is clear as a baby's ass when I don't.

    Lorac's liquid foundation is oil free and is the most light-weight foundation I have tried. Believe me, it's incredibly light. Not super powerful, I'll give you that. (But then again, I wouldn't want to look and feel like I'm wearing a mask either.) Since it's not so powerful and is not going to do much at shielding some of your little zitties and imperfections, just dab some of Estee Lauder's liquid concealer and they magically disappear for the most part.