1. I have skin problems. All over, everywhere. I've got almost porcelin skin so I'm careful in the sun and when I try to tan I burn so I don't do it a lot. My face....arg....acne, currently like crazy, normally not so much, my shoulders and chest have broken out lately too....and that hasn't happened in a long time! I'm 17 and wearing a rather revealing gown for Halloween and the last thing my friends need to see is me with a huge.....SPOT on my chest or shoulder while I'l dressed up as the Queen of Atlantis!

    Also...I don't exactly have a skin tone. I do everything I can to it and my skin still won't glow!

    I need help!

  2. Hi MissyBaby! I heard good things from friends about Proactiv Acne Skincare system. But of course it will take time for your acne to heal. I can understand that Holloween is weeks away & acne or break outs as we all know doesnt heal fast. Is it too late already for you to change your costume? If you're going for the Queen of Atlantis theme, all I can suggest is to cover your shoulders & chest with glitter spray. Glitter spray will discreetly cover up your break outs. As for your face, a good concealer will do for as long as its properly applied.

    As for your skin tone...have you tried tanning creams? There are lots of tanning products out there. Sun tanning is not good my dear...especially with your skin type. Also, always use sunblock.

  3. Pro-activ is good but you must use it regularily. As for a "glow", Benefit makes some nice products. I recommend the Georgia Peach or the Dandelion--I'm quite fair as well and both of these look good on my skin. Also the Guerlain meteorites are nice but a bit expensive--you can get them at Sephora.
  4. If you can, please ask for a sample of Pro-Active first. Because i had horrible reaction to Pro-Active, my face was red, ichty, and peeling the next day after my first usage with the starter kit (sry i forgot the acutal name, but it was around 4~6 items in it), it took me almost one week to recover.

    However it varies person to person, because i did see some amazing results from my friends and family. If you need to 'zap' the big ones, try the "boom boom Zap" from Benefits, or Sephora, just remember to apply sunblock and make sure you have enough moister on your face to prevent the over-dry-peeling.

    ps. i am Asian between Comb & Oily skin type in case you are wondering.
    Good Luck Dear!