Skin Type ?

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  1. What type of skin do you have ?

    I have Oily Skin,
    In the Summer I tend not to wear foundation, I use a little less moisturizer, Then i use a Toner,Pressed Powder,Mascara and Lipstick.

    Which season, (if any ) do you have to change your regular skin care routine, because of your skin type ?
  2. My skin tends to be dry but sensitive. Especially to perfumes. I never put anything scented on my face. And I really don't have to change my routine. I stick to my regimen year round.
  3. Sensitive skin... and I generally don't have to change the kind of makeup I use throughout the year
  4. combination and sensitive
  5. I have oily skin that sometimes gets dry! I almost always wear foundation due to my cheeks being lighter than my forehead and chin. I really don't change that much for the seasons but I do change a little for different times of the month.;)
  6. combination skin - I wear LaRoche Posay tinted sun block 30 every single day. That is my most important skin care item.
  7. Combination. In the winter, my skin gets pretty dry, though, so I have to use more moisturizer.
  8. combination!
  9. Dry.
  10. Thanks for sharing Ladies.
  11. Combination-my forehead is oily and everything else tends to get dry if I'm not careful.

    I don't change my routine to the seasons anymore. Ever since I discovered Bare Escentuals for their foundation, I just stick with their stuff and my skin always looks fantastic. Best make-up ever.
  12. I have oily skin too. I've found the best pressed power for oily skin is Blot by Mac. It doesn't get cakey or turn colors and it really absorbs the shine. Grrrrrreat product!
  13. I have oily skin. I would recommend Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation for this skin type. I occasionally have breakouts :sad: and this makeup not only conceals perfectly and makes my face radiant, it has improved my complexion overall.
  14. i have a combination of oily and sensitive skin. i pretty much just do the same as you pradasmeadow.
  15. I used to have very oily skin when i was younger. now that I'm in my 30's I have combination skin. My skin is also very sensitive.

    My skin is kept calm and balanced all year round by Dermatologica products.

    In the winter I use a moisturising foundation like MAC Select tint and Chanel Vitalumiere.

    In Summer I use Dermatologica tinted moisturiser...and if there is extra shine I use MAC Select tint pressed powder or a bit of bronzing powder.
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