Skin Tag on Eyelid - safe removal?

  1. I have two skin tags on one eyelid and the derm's office just quoted me $175 - $225 PER tag to remove. Are they freaking kidding me???

    Has anyone safely removed tags near the eye themselves and how?
  2. I had one near the eye lid (the corner) and the removal (via laser) was covered by my insurance. Since it's the eye area, I'd let a professional remove it.

    When I asked about doing it myself, the doctor gave me a firm "no, don't even try it".
  3. Yeah, I'd much rather have a professional and not end up blind. $225 per tag though is ridiculous.

    I'm going to phone around.
  4. I've had 2 near my eye removed by my primary doctor and it was covered by insurance as well. On the actual eye though, I would maybe check with a opthamologist as it could also be covered by insurance as well.
  5. I also have a skin tag on my right eye but I am too scared to get it removed, mainly because it's on my face and I am afraid of a scar or something. My skin tag is skin colored and not brown / red like some under the arms can be, so it doesn't really bother me that much.

    I have a freckle on the OTHER eye so it kinda makes my face more symetrical, LOL.

    But $225 to remove a skin tag is really a lot. I wouldn't pay that much.

    I accidentally removed one of the skin tags on my underarm once. I wanted to shave my armpits with the electric razor and the tag got ripped off in the process. Very painful, wouldn't recommend that method ;)
  6. Calling around is good, but please don't base your selection on price, especially when it comes to medical issues.

    An opthamologist performing the procedure, would more than likely be covered by your insurance, if you have it, so you'll just have your co-pay.
  7. I'm not in the US so insurance here is different. I have no idea if my eye doctor removes skin tags but I am going to call. Thanks for the suggestion as I never would have though to call them.

    I've removed other skin tags with the Dr. Scholl's at home kit but don't want to chance it on my eyelid.
  8. Don't worry, I won't be shaving my eyelids any time soon. :p
  9. Try calling your GP and see if it's something they can do. I had my GP remove some from my armpit and neck it only cost me my co-pay($15). However when I called for the appointment they would only set me up for a "consultation". When I got there and was talking to the nurse she's like oh that's just a formality she'll remove them for you today, maybe if it was on a area like my eye then it would have been more of a consultation with a referral. However maybe calling & talking to your GP's nurse they maybe able to give you some references if it's a area they aren't able/willing to work on due to it being a sensitive area. IMO I would never try to remove a skin tag that was on or near my eyelid. Depending on the size of the tag they might need to numb the area. While there is no problem in getting quotes for it just remember sometimes you get what you pay for.
  10. I've done that before but with a regular razor and it was VERY painful! At the time I didn't realize I had them there and I just figured I was nicking myself because I"m so blind with out my glasses. Finally after a few times doing this I was like WTF I can't be this bad I don't have this issue when I shave my legs so I looked in the mirror afterwards and that's how I found out I had them.

    I also just wanted to share just in case you didn't already know that skin tags in your arm pits(and neck) is a sign of insulin resistance. The next time you have blood work done you should have your DR check for this.
  11. I think it depends on how the physician bills the insurance company. If it's a cosmetic procedure, it probably won't be covered. If its billed as being medically necessary, it should be covered. I think an ophthalmologist could still bill it as a cosmetic procedure. Try calling your insurance company and what your policy covers.
  12. All blood work was good with me except for the rheumatoid factor. Getting that checked soon. Mine probably come from being overweight and rubbing :cool:
  13. I have had one removed from my eyelid by the dermatologist's PA. It was fine, she used a machine that froze or burned it, and it turned black and fell off within a week. She did several others for me and charged US$100-150 for everything. The standard price was based on one skin tag and would have been much more expensive if she charged per skin tag, but once the visit was set up, it's just bzzzzz, bzzzzz, bzzzz and they can get them all in a few minutes, if they are small. (A big one would take longer to burn and could be more risk/liability, I suppose.)

    I have never heard the thing about insulin resistance. I was told skin tags are created from rubbing.

    I personally would not trust an eye doctor or general practitioner to do this. I want the machine and someone who does this all the time. If the skin tag on the eyelid is bugging you, I highly recommend getting it taken care of at the dermatologist with the freezing/burning machine. (Sorry, I don't know what it's called.)

    Regarding insurance coverage, this was considered cosmetic unless there was a problem with them tearing and bleeding. Last time I was there I had an unrelated prescription refilled so the office visit was covered, but the skin tag procedure was not covered. They have to specify the procedure on a form and that code is what determines whether or not a service is covered (I think).

    Here is an article I just found on google:

    I haven't read the whole thing, but they mention using the machine with a local anesthesia. I don't remember the PA applying a local anesthesia. I just took deep breaths and gritted my teeth. You get used to it pretty quickly. (Deep breaths are very important.)

    Totally worth it. Good luck!
  14. I don't think it would cost less, but I'd consider having a plastic surgeon remove them. I don't take risks with my eyes and face.
  15. My GP referred me to an ophthalmologist who is also an eyelid specialist (didn't know that was a specialty) and their price is $105 for the first and $45 each thereafter. Much better than what my derm quoted. He can't get me in until Feb though. I am also going for a consult with another derm this coming week so will see what he says.

    Waiting until Feb may make the most sense.