Skin saving products????

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  1. Anyone know some seriously affordable skin saving products????? For me I used to have THE worse acne but then my pharmasist reccomended Benzac AC GEL AND AFTER SOME MONTH MY SKIN IS SOO PERFECT... Also if you want luminous skin try loreal happy derm.. thats one of the only luminous moisturisers that truly work... and for a cleanser I'm yet to find the right one....
  2. I've heard good reviews about Philosophy's PURITY facial cleanser. I am about to try it soon.

    You said you used to have the worst acne, so I assume your skin is kinda prone to them? Perhaps it might be better if you ask your dermatologist first rather than trying on products.
  3. You can get really amazing bp gel for acne at I've been using it for a few months and my skin is 100% flawless. I also lost Dove Sensative Essentials Foaming Face Wash.. Cheap and perfect. =)
  4. I used to have cystic acne (even Accutane didn't really budge it much), but Proactive was the best!! I still use it and now my face is clear. I use it in combination with taking Ortho Tri Cyclin-- a must to clear your face as well (I know, its BC, but it is the only thing that seems to keep my skin pretty clear).