Skin problems

  1. Im a light skin African American with dark coarse hair on my legs and arms. With summer here, I would really like to wear skirts but after I shave Im left with these reddish black bumps. Even when I dont shave they are there. How do I get rid of these bumps or atleast make them less noticeable?
  2. Have you tried changing shave gel or waxing? Also do you put something on after you shave? If that doesn't work, I would go see a dermatologist. They would probably have the best suggestions.
  3. I've tried changing shaving gels but that hasnt worked. I usually dont put on anything after I shave. I heard of mederma but I dont know if that will work for me.
  4. You should try putting on something after you shave. After I get waxed, my esthetician sprays this stuff on my legs that conditions and prevents bumps from occuring. I don't know much about legs, but I've found that when I cleanse and moisturized my eyebrows (my problem area) after waxing and use bliss' see spots run, it keeps bumps (which use to always happen) from occuring.
  5. where do you get the bliss see spots run?
  6. Sephora or Bliss. If you need a few things, I suggest going to Sephora since they do free shipping over 75 dollars.
  7. thanks so much I will have to try it.
  8. Have you heard of Tend Skin? It helps with razor bumps and ingrown hairs. You can get it at Sephora.

    You can also exfoliate with a scrub between shavings or use a lotion that has fruit acids to help prevent the bumps. I'm assuming you're talking about razor bumps and such. If it's some other skin problem, then you should probably consult a doctor.
  9. See Spots Run is an acne treatment and comes in a small 0.5 oz tube that costs $30, which is probably not best for use on the legs.
  10. thanks so much I will try that too!
  11. OH NO. Definitely not for legs. It's for your face. For my eyebrows.
  12. Tend skin is GREAT. It's the only thing that helps my sensitive underarm and upper thigh areas to prevent red bumps. Exfoliating is also good.
  13. thanks so much. Where can I get Tend skin besides on the web?
  14. Im sorry other than Sephora. We dont have one here.
  15. you can go into your local waxing salong and ask them about it...they will have a product that will prevent ingrowns (its usually has acetaylsalic acid which is an exfoliant agent) otherwise if you use this products + exfoliating dont work.. YOu may have a skin condition called Keratosis pilaris which is easily managable with a cream that your dermatologist can prescribe to you.