Skin Problems,Solution Sulfacet R

Aug 27, 2007
New York City
I had skin problems(pimples) since I was 15. I spent high thousands $$$$ to fix or suppress the pimples. From simple over the counter meds, to light therapy, tons of facials, & laser therapy. Nothing worked to totally clear my skin for a long period.
My mom had some kind of freak break-out when she went through menopause. She had beautiful skin prior to this dramatic episode.
Her derm dr. prescribed her this lotion called sulfacet R,it didn't work for her but I gave it a try. Within a few days my skin show signs of clearing. I was 24 and now I am turning 32, I have been using it at least 4x's week and it has kept my skin clear.
I still get facials twice a month and my facialist tells me I've got a nice complexion! Only if she saw me before the sulfacet!


Addicted to beauty
Sep 8, 2008
where can we get that? i started having pimples at the age of 25!!! all my doctor prescribed was dialicin T and retina-A. then i went on hormone pills.. its better now but i still have the occassional zits which are deep underneath my skin! sigh! does that help take out the zit?