Skin problem

  1. I seem to have combination skin and hypersentitive skin does anyone have this same problem with their skin and what sort of skin care regime (and products) work
  2. Hi, I am hypersensitive skin too and I have tried so many brands that made my skin look awful. Now, I shifted to cremes (placenta creme and facial toner) that my dermatologist formulated and she recommended also to use Avene products. I tried it and now, I am so happy and contented..... I have flawless skin ever
  3. So would I need to go to a dermatologist too
  4. I suggest you should go if you have hypersensitive skin. They will check your skin and and give you products that is less alcohol content than over the counter products. I have tried so many brands and these cremes I have been using now are really helpful to me. I have flawless skin now compared to before.
  5. Hi Staci. Before you go to dermatologist take time to find more about your skin and it's needs. There are different types of skin, and there are many factors influencing skin problems. I will give you a start hint here: Skin diseases - skin disorders
  6. A visit to the dermatologist is a good idea. In the meantime, I'll tell you what my dermatologist told me (I started a thread about finding a toner for sensitive skin):
    1. Avoid very hot water
    2. Avoid dryer sheets and fabric softeners and detergents with additives/fragrance
    3. Cleanse with Cetaphil, Dove, Purpose or Lever 2000.
    4. Moisturizers could be Cetaphil moisturizing cream, Eucerin, Aquaphor, Purpose or vaseline.

    This is for a few weeks to calm the skin down. I'm still using the Cetaphil and purpose moisturizer as well as trying some toners that the ladies here recommended. So far, so good.

    Good luck.
  7. drink lots of water
  8. Thanx everyone. Great tips