Skin Problem

  1. Hi
    My skin is dry can I use cleanser on it and of which company so that skin glows
    If any one can suggest me a best cleanser and toner I will be very thankful.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Cetaphil is gentle, and it is inexpensive. Neutrogena also makes great gentle, inexpensive toners. A lot of people out there think expensive = better for skincare, but when it comes to cleansers and toners sometimes simple is better. I would follow your skincare regime with a good moisturizer with SPF. Eucerin makes a wonderful one for sensitive skin, SPF 30, and it is lightweight (and inexpensive too!).
  3. I have extremely dry skin. I always use cetaphil for cleanser, but I have never been able to use a toner without having it severely dry out my skin. I do swear by Creme de La Mer as a moisturizer. It makes my skin really soft and it glows.
  4. I agree that Cetaphil cleanser is the best option for you. It's not harsh and will moisturize your skin as it cleanses. It's very inexpensive. For a toner make sure you don't use anything containing alcohol, as that will dry your skin even more. Make sure to moisturize every night, including your neck. I recommend La Mer.
  5. I agree with the Cetaphil - it is really fantastic. Other products i would reccomend are Seba Med washes or Mustela washes, they are really gentle but effective :biggrin: