Skin Lightners

  1. Does anyone know of a skin lightner that actually works.
    I have a couple of acne scarring spots that I would like to get rid of.

    I have tried Black Opal and Ambi with no real sucess.If anyone knows of another line please inform.
    Thanks to all in advanced

  2. I use Obagi Serum-C, but it's pretty strong stuff. You might want to check with a dermatologist before trying it. It does work wonders, though.
  3. can i get it without a prescription?
  4. EPIQUIN MICRO!!! I was prescribed it when I had acne to get rid of the scars. After not using in for a few years ( the acne went away :yahoo:), I started back using it a year ago, because I started birth control and it gave me hyperpigmentation. It worked then and it works now. It will get rid of any dark/red marks ( give it about 6 weeks). My sister saw a derm a few years ago for a couple of marks she had on the body and they prescribed that as well. The only thing the derm told me was to use sunblock. (it also says that in the papers when you get the epiquin). I use it every night, sunblock in the morning.

    Another thing I like is that is is SUPER moisturizing.

    I know I keep going on and on about a bleaching cream, but it really gave me my confidence back after the acne scars.

    It is expensive. It was about 80 with my insurance. It's about 150.00 without.

    Good Luck!!
  6. hi casa, you probably already know this but just a reminder to not forget to slather sunscreen while using skin lighteners....they make your skin way more sensitive to UVA/UVB rays and you may find that if you don't use SS, your skin scarred spots getting even more pronounced...just an FYI ;)
  7. One of the best on the markets is Phyto+ by Skinceuticals. It's made with Arbutin & Kojic acid, much better for your skin than hydroquinone, which is found in most skin lightners. Also, Tri-Luma is OK. I used that at first then my derm told me about Phyto+. Be sure to load up on the sunscreen SPF30 or higher if when using any skin lightening cream/serum. If not, it can make the hyperpigmentation worse.

    I've used Ambi, Black Opal, Skin Success you name it - but Phyto+ is my new :heart:
  8. I'm not sure if you can get the Obagi Serum without a prescription or not. I buy mine at my dermatologist's office and the bottle says Rx only. But that might not really mean anything.:shame:
  9. Thanks ladies
  10. Are skin lighteners the same as skin brighteners? Or is it more like whitening?
  11. I belong to a skin forum and the Obaji line is highly recommended. You can buy it online (google it.) I recently started using hyrdoquinine 4% to lighten some areas of hyperpigmentation and after 6 mo. the results have been great. i order
    LUSTRA-AF from a canandian RX and a RX is not needed. it's about $30. The obaji product contains HQ which is how i heard about it - but obaji is quite expensive.
  12. I also use obaji and have for 3 yrs. I had brown spots now gone and my skin looks great I get so many compliments on my skin! I lovethe product line.
  13. wow i would love to get more info on skin lightening.

    i have some uneven pigments/ spots on my face.

    i would love to have my face even & lightened!!
  14. SKII and FANCL. I'd go with FANCL since they have edible supplements that work from the inside.