Skin Lightening Products

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  1. Has anyone had any experience with skin lightening products such as a hydriquinone based product, I heard it stops the production of melanin in the skin and I heard it only works on sun damaged skin, is this true? So if i were to put a skin lighting lotion on my hand or something would it not work unless the skin on my hand is freckley and sun damaged? Sorry for all the questions but I've gotten so many mixed info when looking skin lightening products up online, TIA! :smile:
  2. obagi is a hydroquinone based product and i use it..its managed to lighten my freckles and its not true that it only works on sun damaged skin...just be careful though..there are statements that hydroquinone is carcinogenic

    i suggest using nivea for the body for skin lightening :smile:
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  3. i use the shiseido "white lucent" line i think its pretty good : )
  4. Has anyone tried Chanel's "Base Lumiere"? I think it will be the next product I will promises brighter skin.
  5. Are you looking for something to combat hyper pigmentation? Epicuren and Lucrece (day spa or line), Perricone (Nordstrom and online) all have some great products for this.
  6. Murad has an age spot treatment that lightens the skin. But it's not for the full face.
  7. I have used GlyMed Plus Derma Pigment Skin Brightener with great results. It has totally faded the "age spots" on my face and the back of my hands, without altering the rest of my skin.

    Here's the description from
    "Begins working the moment you apply this super charged, dewy powerhouse fluid that fades sun spots, pigmentation and dark age marks. A safe and effective alternative to Hydroquinone, gentle Derma Pigment Skin Brightener is a balanced complex containing Glycolic acid, Kojic acid and citric acid in “timed release” liposomes that quickly penetrate to the injured melanocyte, retarding color-producing melanosomes."

    I don't know how to post pictures, so sorry no photo:shrugs:
  8. I am a middle-aged Asian woman with huge symmetric melasma patches covering 70% of both my cheeks. I knew nothing about sun damage when I grew up >40 years ago. Then about 10 years back, I began to try the whitening lines from cosmetic houses one after another. A decade & many thousands of HK$ later, my melasma patches are as dark as before. Finally two years ago I visited a dermatologist with the intension of getting laser treatments. Unfortunately, laser can only treat spots & not entire patches of skin. So the good doctor prescribed a whole set of creams for me. They contain hydroquinone, tretinoin, glycolic acid & what not. Even more unfortunate, I am allergic to 4% hydroquinone. My face became as red as a boiled lobster. It was itchy & I scratched myself so much during sleep that many mornings I woke up with a whole bunch of wounds right on top of my melasma. Of course I stopped the hydroquinone. I thought I could get on with the other creams. But my face became dry, itchy & red from tretinoin. Without these two effective ingredients, the creams became ineffective. So I stopped treatment & accepted my fate.

    I went into retirement & had lots of time to surf the net. An ad was boasting of a product called Meladerm. It's not inexpensive but definitely not in the league of the whitening products I tried years early: Guerlain, CD, Chanel, Shiseido, SK2, Estee Lauder, Lancome, La Prairie, Valmont,etc. I understand that all US medical products must go thru' rigorous testing to win FDA approval before they can be marketed. So I knew the product would be relatively save & got a friend to get one for me from the US.

    I started treatment on 17/3. A miracle happened.The stubborn melasma that has been on my face for decades has faded about 20%. My skin becomes extremely dry & I am doing at-home facials every other night. My face is itchy & I'm training myself not to touch it. So there are only a few scars on my cheeks right now. I would be on cloud nine if my melasma could lighten by 70%.

    I always thought that people who write testimonials singing the praises of products must be employed by the marketing people. I am retired & no longer employed by anyone, yet I am cautiously optimistic about the effectiveness of this Meladerm. But to play it safe, I also purchased Murad's Age Spot & pigmentation Lightening Gel in case Meladerm doesn't work. Now this tube of gel sits in my cupboard & I hope it remains that way forever since I've read somewhere that hydroquinone could cause liver damage.

    I am quite happy with myself because for the first time in decades, I could use a foundation with medium coverage. I wonder whether I will ever be able to use a foundation with light coverage.
  9. D Lee, thank you so much for sharing this post, it's truly helpful. I am happy that you found Meladerm to work for you. I am going to definitely buy it.
  10. I was excited to hear about Cliniques New "Even Better Skin Tone Corrector" I went out and got it straight away! I've just ran out of the stuff & I've gotta say, I was disappointed; so I wouldn't recommend spending $60 on that.

    I'm 19 & prone to scarring, and it leaves me with patches of uneven skin.

    Thank you to those of you who have & continue to contribute to this thread. It's very helpful.
  11. I'm currently using one by Murad to treat a few spots on my face. I like it, but so far the one that I have found that works the best is by Serious Skin Care, which you can buy from HSN. This stuff worked amazingly well for me, but I don't think they carry it anymore, not in the liquid form. which is a shame because I truly loved it!
  12. I used to use Obagi's hydrquinone. It may have worked, I can't tell really. I had to stop using it though b/c my skin is oily and this made it worse.
  13. OMG...I too was so excited for this stuff....I took it back because it made me break out like mad, and it didn't touch my scars:cursing:
  14. I've heard hydroquinone is carcinogenic.

    Gluthionine, when consumed with vitamin C, is supposed to be an excellent skin whitener.
  15. i've been looking for something to help lighten my freckles & i keep reading biased reviews on obagi. i heard its very harsh, is that true? which obagi product did you use? :confused1: