Skin Health Maintenance

  1. Hi,
    I am 30 and need advice on my skin care/skin health maintenance.
    I used to have acute acne problem in my teen-age years. I still have breakout sometimes. I had used almost every single thing on m face to get rid of acne. My skin has lost the smoothness. I understand I cannot make up for the past. But is there any way I can take care of it from now on. I mean so that my skin looks soft/fresh.

    Also I have kind of black circle around my lip and chin. I think I have combination skin. Can you please help me with these all?
    And suggest me a good skin care product with the ways to use them properly.
  2. You probably have an oilier skin type?? Ok, provide us with more information.

    If you really need something to brighten up and even out your skintone, I would highly recommend Dermalogica products.

    You should get the Dermalogica Brightening System, which consists of Daily Microfoliant (this is so fabulous at exfoliating), Day Bright and Night Bright. They really do even out your skin tone. I've used it, and I love it.

    Use masks regularly to get your skin back to health. I use masks everyday. I use Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Gel Masque everyday to replenish moisture lost, and I swear that this has given my skin a great glow. Every 2-3 days, I use Dermalogica's Skin Refining Mask or Kiehl's Rare-Earth Cleasing Masque.. And as a weekly treat, I use Dermalogica's Multivitamin Power Rescue Masque. I swear that by doing these, you'll get great skin. It definitely has helped for me. Bliss does great products as well. I absolutely love their cleansers and oxygenating masque.
  3. Sarah-you should probably start by booking an appt with a dermatologist. He/she can examine your skin and recommend a regime for you. This way, your routine is medically supervised and you won't have to guess at what will work for you. Using medical grade products will get you the results you are after more quickly. I've found in my experience it is so easy for us to overdo skincare products, and most dermatologists typically don't recommend an overabundance of products for thier clients. Good Luck!
  4. How much money are you willing to spend? I'd recommend facials every 3-4 weeks and have your facialist recommend some products for you. That will definitely get your skin back to health.

    Otherwise, cleanse, exfoliate/mask, and moisturize like mad! I use products from all over the board but I especially like Skinsceuticals, Fresh, Chanel, and Natural Bisse.
  5. on top of what everyone else said, i'd like to add th followings,
    it seems like more of an internal problem (diet, lifestyle, genetic) rather than external (eg. polution/sun damage etc). if you have acne on the jawlines it's more likely that you have digestive problems. the dark circle you metioned is oil, seems like you have oily T-Zone. you should seek more advices from a dermatologists.
    do NOT exfoliant if you have acne, it'll break them and the acne will spread.
    birth control pills are also good for acnes, if they are suitable for you at the moment, give them a try.
  6. I;ve never used these products...are they really good?
  7. I also recommend a consulatation with a dermatologist, especially since you have adult acne. If you have health insurance, the cost of prescriptions might end up costing less than a skin care regiment. There are so many options and the dr. can cater the regiment based on your lifestyle or needs. Good luck