skin cream/lotion on handbags??

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  1. a friend of mine used skin lotion on a leather bag of theirs (their arguement was "hey, it's skin!") and while it did work and the leather became much softer, i was kind of iffy about it. is it ok to use skin cream or lotion on leather??
  2. Personally, I would only use leather products (creams, etc.) on leather and would never use my own creams or lotions on leather, as my skin is alive, and the hides have been tanned, dyed, processed, etc.
  3. ^ yeah, that's what i said!! the leathers are tanned and (usually) treated with chemicals etc so it's not the same as live skin... :s
  4. I wouldn't do it. It can eventually leave a film that can actually attract dust and dirt. Ick.
  5. ^ Agreed. No way. Not to mention it can create oil spots in leather and ruin it! Prime example are LV vachetta handles. It'll darken the leather.
  6. I'd be afraid of it staining the leather.
  7. i don't know how i feel about this... i do know that our landlord left a crappy leather couch in our living room and my gayman and i one night put too much lotion on our hands so we rubbed it into the leather (thinking "hey, it's dry and crackley... maybe this'll help") and it did... *shrug* i dunno about slathering a bag...
  8. It's not worth the risk IMO.
    Leather conditioners are so readily available and inexpensive, why risk it with a hand lotion?