Skin changing - need help!

  1. I'm 35 now and my skin is really changing! :wtf: It isn't smooth and taut anymore, but has more of a bumpy texture. Also, I'm getting a funny streak on my left cheek that I can only see when the light is a certain direction. It is shaped kind of like a banana, and when I get the light right, it looks lighter than the skin around it. Keep in mind that I have to be pretty close to the mirror, and no one else seems to be able to see it. But I know it's there!

    I use Avon's Force Extra Triple Lifting Day AND Night creams, wash with Neutrogena soap (which has always been a great staple of my skin care regimen since age 12), and exfoliate every morning with apricot scrub. Also, a recently started using Clinique's 15-minute facial, which helps smooth things out some, but not completely.

    I know I'll never be able to have the skin I had at 13 (or 16, or 19, or 25...), but do I have to just accept pudgy, bumpy skin? Please say it isn't so! Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. I am 32 and started to notice the same issues you are talking about. My derm told me that the small bumps were small clogged pores like mini zits and exfoliation and a good moisturizer will help. She reccomended the "Make-up optional" skin care kit by philosophy. If you don't want the whole kit you should start with the purity clenser and the hope in a jar cream and wear a sun screen everyday of 30spf or higher. Once or twice a week use an exfoliating scrub but probally not one as harsh as apricot scrub, to many rough edges. I think you may be over doing your skin and it doesn't like it. simplify your routine and see what happens.
  3. Thanks! I do have huge pores... I noticed a couple of years ago they seemed more pronounced. I will be glad to experiment with the products you recommend.

    Something I forgot to mention is that every day cream I have used with any spf makes my skin look dry with fine wrinkles! I don't have that problem (at least I didn't) until I switched to spf creams and lotions (any brand, seemingly). Etenebris took me to a recent Clinique bonus day sale, and I ended up with some of their Super City Block with spf 40. It looks like something you put on over moisturizer, since it is tinted. I am thinking about trying a non-spf day cream, and then using this on top.

    Thanks so much for your advice--I was sure someone else must be going through the same thing. Subsequent to posting this, I decided that overall, I really do have good skin for my age, so I should try to be happy! BUT I am even more happy now, because you've given me hope. :heart: Thank you!
  4. i dont think u should exfloiate in the morning bc it leaves the skin's surface weak and if you dont use a good SPF moisturizer, you will have discolorations bc of the sun. Ive always read that good scrubbing should be used at night so the night creams/ serums can do their work because skin repairs itself during sleep.