Skin care suggestions for dry/sensitive skin?

  1. After having used Elizabeth Arden products for years, I found that my skin got dryer with age (I'm 41) and the EA creams were not working anymore, and decided to try something new. My skin is not only dry, but also sensitive (freckles, easily burned in the sun etc) so I wanted to try out the Clinique 3-step treatment. Previously, I have only rinced my face in water and hydrated with a moisturizer. Now, after having used the Clinique line for 5 months, my face is a total disaster. I have more spots & blemishes than I had as a teenager... The soap - and facetonic thing is obviously too strong for me (and yes, it is the sensitive skin version), so I stopped using them and just use the moisturizer for now. Some improvement after that, still very bad. And this is supposed to be a gentle skincare line...

    So my question is: does anyone know of a gentle skincare that really works?
  2. try kanebo or la prairi...they r the best in skin care...but try getting samples first,as they r a bet expensive..
    good luck :smile:
  3. do have a L'occitane nearby?
    They have a shea butter/cold cream soap that has changed the skin on my dry and sensitive face, I SWEAR by it!
  4. Not where I live, but I'm going to Paris in August, so I'll get some there! I just had a look at their website, and it looks really tempting... Thanks!
  5. I have dry and sensitive skin too, and Decleor products have made a world of difference for me. They sell the line at Sephora, among other places.
  6. My friend is a dermatologist...she suggests inexpensive products...Cetaphil cleanser in drugstores and Neutrogena mositurizer w/ spf 15 also in drugstores.
  7. Shushopn makes a great suggestion, inexpensive products that have short ingredient listings are supposedly where it's at. I work for a cosmetics company and the trends we are noticing are going towards cosmoceuticals - Vichy, La Roche Posay, NeoStrata, ROC, Avene are on the rise and they are meant for problematic skin and are reasonably priced.

    Elizabeth Arden does make a new moisturizer called Perpetual Moisture 24 - which is nice and more reasonably priced than the rest of their line up, but if it's not working for you... well, it's time to change...
  8. i just got done using a sample of shiseido moisturizer that didn't work for me because my t-zone is oily. the rest of my skin, however, is dry, and it worked wonders on it - it's shiseido "the skincare" night essential moisturizer in light. i think what i'll probably end up doing is buying two moisturizers - their matte-ifying moisturizer for my t-zone and that moisturizer for the rest of my face. my skin is VERY sensative and has had bad reactions to products before, but i've tried about half a dozen shiseido samples at this point and bought several of the products, have used them every day, and have had zero problems. i hope you find something that works for you!
  9. Get Chanel rectifiance Day worked wonders for my REALLY dry skin..I am allergic to everything and this I am NOT..GOOD LUCK!
  10. I've been faithful with Clarins... They're the best for dry and sensitive skin... If your skin is really dry like mine, you might want to try to include "La Prairie De-sensitizing Serum"... Last year, my skin become even more sensitive, I try La Prairie serum and it works. Talk to one of the La Prairie rep and ask them for a sachet of tester. It is more expensive, but the benefit is visible.
  11. i rotate between cetaphil (cleanser and moisturizer) and La Mer. (i got a free 2 oz's soooo expensive!).

    You need to learn how to use the La Mer correctly, otherwise you are throwing your money away. But seriously, it is so amazing. It was developed by a rocket scientist for severe burns that he had sustained, and the crem de la mer that he created helped heal his skin.

    You wash your fash with a washcloth, and then take a pea sized amount of the creme de la mer, and rub it in between all 8 fingertips, and you keep doing that until the thick white cream becomes transparent/clear. Then, with a firm tapping motion, you tap the cream into you skin. Entire face, decolette, eyes, whereever.

    I love it, and when I run out, i plan on actually paying money for a jar.

    (or, i could get another job in cosmetics and wait for the training to get it free... heh heh heh) ;)
  12. I have extremely dry skin...face AND body. I have just started to use the new line by Keihl's and bought the Centella Recovery Skin Salve. It is for "sensitive or temporarily irritated skin". It works so well. Also, I bought the Epidural Retexturizing Micro-dermabarasion, and it gets rid of the flaky dry-skin on my face. They are very well-priced also. I have used all sorts of more expensive creams, and really love this.
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions! So many new brands to try, how fun!
    :smile: :smile: :smile:
  14. Hi! I have similar skin, and I picked with the Skin-Type Solution book. I ended up using Aveeno products and they are absolutely wonderful. I used to use Clarins, but decided that it wasn't working too well for mel, especially when they discontinued my favorite moisturizer for sensitive skin.
  15. My mom works in cosmetics and she says that you should use La-Mer, La Pairie, Sisley, Or for a less pricey cream Kiehl's.