Skin care products for men

  1. Does your BF or DH or SO use skin care products? I'm just wondering, because my BF, keeps using my erno lazlo skin care (soap, facial lotion)... I really wouldn't mind if my skincare products weren't so pricey, but they are... and I think he could use less expensive products - his skin type is normal and he doesn't break out (which is perfect, because there are more choices of skin care out there for that type)

    Any suggestions?

  2. I say, just buy him some Clinique, the three step thing.. wash, tone and moisturize. UNLESS he wants it to say FOR MEN, then go to the Clinique line for men.

    I think the things made for men, just have a manly scent to them. I dont like when guys smell too straight, my allergies kick in haha.

    My BF uses the Clinique three step and so do I. Works perfectly but the toner stings a bit.
  3. ^^^Thanks!! He's indifferent about it, it doesn't have to say MEN on it... LOL... he didn't even know about good skincare until he met me... LOL
  4. My fiance uses Jack Black; he likes it. When he runs out, I have him use my Dermalogica stuff. It works well, and the non-chick bottling and lack of scent makes him less adverse to trying new things.
  5. I'm not familiar with Erno Lazlo products so I don't know the prices but my hubby uses Kiehl's. He has more skin care products than I do! Tons more! He has also used Anthony products and The Art Of Shaving. He likes them all but pretty much sticks with Kiehl's. Hope this helps!
  6. My BF uses a bar of soap....perferbaly zest....AHHHH i know..Im a skin fanatic...and he's always like who cares....he got kheils for christmas from his sister...and hasn't touched it since...but I LOVE JACK BLACK STUFF!!
  7. Yeah, it just matters how many steps your BF has time for or wants to do. Some guys like that whole ONE step thing, if they do try that Purity from Philosophy. Thats the best one step facial wash.
  8. The Neutrogena for men is pretty good too! My bf uses anything I don't -hahaha! He has rosacea so I have him on a French cosmoceutical line and it works really well for him, it's part of the L'Oreal group - La Roche Posay - great stuff, good price, doesn't smell, great for any skin ailment or even regular maintenance.
  9. Kiehls.
  10. I made the big mistake of giving my DH a Sisley oil-free set of soapless-barsoap, toner, and lotion and he fell in love with it!! He has oily face and he says it's nothing like he's ever used before..

    He will never go back to using anything else and will stick to this forever!! he even started to give the set as gifts to every guy he knows with oily skin. It's freakin expensive but I see the difference it made on the texture of his face... what can I say... :heart:
  11. The only product my husband consistently uses is Zirh Shave Cream.
  12. BF used to only use a bar of soap.

    I told him that we're gonna "grow old together, not look old together" and got him into the Metrosexual stage. I buy him men's skincare from Jean Paul Gaultier, Zirh, and frequently encourage him to use my moisturizers from Dior and Z.Bigatti.

    Hey... if I'm expected to take care of my face, why shouldn't he be too??? ;)

    >>>>See his website below for his new and improved facial skincare
  13. my guy uses Chanel skin care
  14. I buy my boyfriend Olay Daily Cleansing Cloths and he loves it. He doesnt like a whole fash wash routine so one cloth will get rid of all the dirt and grime that has accumulated on his face and its moisturizing. He also swears it stopped his acne. ^_^