Skin Care 40+

  1. I've been using Natura Bisse with some Amore Pacific treatments blended in for over two years and I
    a. love the results,
    b. hate the price

    Has anyone used Natura and then found something else that works as well for less? I'm ready to cough up 675 for a new tensolift -- they do toss in a free facial and some gifts and samples but PLEASE -- that's just crazy -- have been stalling by buying eBay sample sizes.

    Can't do Lauder -- too perfumey. Don't think Le Prairie or La Mer do anywhere near as good a job. Any thoughts ??
  2. No, sorry, I have never used Natura. To have spare $$ for my bags ;), I use Oil of Olay Regenerist serum and eye serum in the AM under moisturizer, and at night ROC deep wrinkle retinol night creme. My skin does feel really smooth in the AM when I get up, FWIW

    I know these are just cheapos, but I swear, I have used Chanel, and I have even used that $$ Elizabeth Arden treatment that came out last year in non-Rx strength (can't recall the name) that is supposed to reduce wrinkles and spots and I just didn't see a difference (plus I couldn't stand its smell!):shrugs:

    Good luck in your search. I hate wasting money trying to find these things that work! (Oh, BTW I am 50)
  3. I used La Prairie and La Mer, too, and never saw any miracles LOL
  4. I'm a diehard Neutrogena girl and have been for *gulp* 30 years. But I've now branched into Arbonne, specifically their anti-aging line. One of the reasons I've loved neutrogena for so long is the nice, clean scent. I simply despise overly perfumed products, yuck.

    The arbonne anti-aging line has a very very faint orange smell...very mild, HTH. And it works well on my (still) combo skin...oily t-zone and drier cheeks geez when is this going to stop, LOL!

    I use the hydrating wash:

    and the eye cream:

  5. -LOL, trust me, you'll be complaining when it "does" stop and then your skin is completely dry :crybaby:

    I know whereof I speak!
  6. I haven't been able to shell out $650 for tensolift but I use other NB products. Sorry, I can't be of any help. I do use the new La Mer creamy gel moisturizer and I use the NB 50 percent glyco and diamond ice mask.
  7. I tried a sample of DDF "Dramatic Radiance TRF Cream" that I liked, so I ordered a bottle of it. I will let you know in a few weeks if it was worth the 98.00! (I will say that I used their 7-day skin peel system and was very pleased with it, also.)
  8. Thank you ! chessmont, I read that the Olay works well because it has light reflecting ingredients, so your skin actually reflects light and that makes it look nicer.
    I'm bidding on some Tensolift samples now -- hopefully that will work and get me through another few months as I can really make them last. My second Natura year was like the Purse Forum honeymoon period many people write about -- could not believe the bonus points on my NM card at the end of the year.
    I feel horrid as my SA is sweet but then again, she says she'll mail me samples and they never arrive. She loads me up with them at the store tho.

    Pursgrrl -- I'm 54 and I still have an oily t zone. I think I'm the only person I know who uses Neutrogena black head scrubbing pads and high end anti aging skin care (maybe not ??)

    Coachwife -- if you like the glyco, you might want to try Amore Pacific's Treatment Enzyme Peel -- it isn't a real peel -- it's a powder you liquify (a little goes a long way) scrub over your face for 45 secs and rinse off. I think it does a better job of exfoliating than the glyco and your skin puffs up a bit too which is nice for the old thinning skin types !!

    Flora, let me know.

    And thanks everyone -- no one responded at first and I was feeling very sad :sad:
  9. I use the entire Arbonne anti aging line and I really love it, but I do have oily skin, so after I have applied the moisturizer with sunscreen, I have to dust on Arbonne oil free personalizer powder. It is green in colour and matifies the face while reducing any redness. I am impressed that even my sensitive skin can use this. I have tried everything on the market (almost) for the last 20 years and Arbonne is the first line that I have come across that doesn't irritate or break out my skin! Hence, the reason I became a consultant! :p
  10. I do like the Olay Regenerist is light and non greasy.
    But before you ladies think I am OCM or Oil Cleansing Method.
    It's inexpensive..and it works. women in asia and europe have been doing it for decades, and now MAC is introducing a cleansing oil. I make my own blend with 20% cold pressed castor oil and 80% EV olive oil. With essential oils of neem ,sandalwood and sweet almond oil. Cleans deep and replaces the oils we wash away..without being greasy. I have great skin, and at 39..still get carded for alcohol and believe it or not..cigarettes.
  11. I got a sample of Chanel's Sublimage last month and I love it!
  12. Olay Regeneriste line has worked well for me. I've noticed less "lumpiness" (sag) between my neck and jawline which makes me feel better when I look in the mirror.
  13. Jenskar - my mother just turned 60, and she has been using Amore Pacific for the past 2-3 years. She has the same opinion as you do, great results but very expensive. However, Amore just premiered a new product, the Time Response serum and for the past 3 weeks that she has been using it, she has noticed a huge improvement in her skin. Although it is $500, she thinks it is certainly worth it.

  14. Teesa - Amore Pacific actually has this type of product, Treatment Cleansing Oil. I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about it, it didn't make much sense that I should be washing my face with an oily product, especially since my skin is oily to begin with. But this product actually works very well and it is a perfect eye makeup remover.
  15. I am using La Mer and Sisley and hoping to see some miracles. I do notice for sure that the La Mer Lifting Face serum does seems to make my face looks smoother along with moisture. How I found out? Well, I stopped using it for a while due to the cost of the bottle, not to mention that it lasts only a month or a bit more for me. I apply it on my face and neck, maybe that's why.:confused1: Anyway, I have gone back to using it now.
    Right now, I am using the sample of Orlane Paris's Super Hydrating Serum (argh, I am out of the La Mer serum again...need to get one soon) , that I got from the NM beauty event. Well, it is my first day using it and my face seems to like Has anyone try that before?

    jenskar, I have been wanting to give Natura Bisse a try too. I am glad that you found a line that works for you, eventhough you are not too excited about the price. Good luck in bidding on those tensolift samples.