Skin by Nude shoes?

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  1. I really like the shoes this brand makes, but they're basically impossible to get where I live (no retailers sell them according to their website and only two online ones do). Anyone know how they run? I've gotten conflicting info from the aforementioned online retailers. Their shoes are gorgeous, but I'm not about to buy something I can't return without any info first. :biggrin: Thanks for any help!
  2. I only have one pair the open toe bottie with three bows. They ran a half size small.
  3. I agree. I have a 2 pairs one is size 38 shoes and Ow! I also have a pair of 39 which are fine.
  4. Urm you can get them at most shoe stores here In Australia :smile:
  5. Oops I meant it ran a half size big. I normally wear a 8.5 or 38.5 or 39, but these i got in an 8.
  6. @immashoesaddict: I don't live in Australia. :S

    @lilac0485: I usually wear the same size that you do. I wish they had half sizes.

    @papertiger: They run small? The representatives at one of the stores I'm thinking of buying from says the 39 (9) only has a 9 inch insole, yet another store said the 37 (7) had an 8 inch insole. Confusing.
  7. What stores are you buying from? I've only seen them at TG170 a boutique in NYC and Revolve.
  8. @lilac0485: One of them was Revolve, I can't remember the name of the other atm. Would you say your feet are wide or narrow? Mine are a bit wide so sometimes I order up to compensate for my feet.
  9. Anyone? The site I'm looking at purchasing from doesn't offer returns, so I need to be sure before I order. Help please!
  10. Update: Revolve said that the insole on a 6 was 10". But they said earlier that the insole for a 7 was 8". And another store said the insole for a 9 was 9". What is with these measurements? :S
  11. My feet tend to be a bit wide. I sometimes order up, but only in flats. But it could just have been the style I bought because the SA said she sized down for the shoe too.
  12. i don't have the brand...but you can measure you feet length and width. i think wider feet need to size up a little. if it's pointy heels...the measurement can be off...
  13. So, I ordered these in a size 8. The only review for them on revolve said they ran a half size big and the 9 apparently fit a girl who was a 9 1/2 (I'm normally an 8 1/2 in nearly everything I buy), so I hope 8 will work. I love the look of them.