Skin Biopsy tomorrow... eep!

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  1. Well, I think they are finally going to do my skin biopsy tomorrow. I've had trouble finding someone to do it, as my birthmark is right on my navel and the docs are worried it will "pinch" closed after its removed. Its growing at a really alarming rate, though, so it needs to go either way.

    I am petrified of needles/doctors/blood! Also I have an exam tomorrow, and I get test anxiety as well. Tomorrow is not looking like such a great day. So now I am trying to distract myself with studying but its not going well.

    Any advice on dealing with anxiety/well wishers would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I feel for you try not to worry,I know it is scary.I have never had a skin biopsy but I do have a rather large mole I need to have looked at I am afraid it will have to be removed some day.Good luck on your test.:love:
  3. Just relax, and know it will be over before you know it! I hate needles, blood, tests, all that too, and what I do is just imagine myself somewhere else or get my mind on something else that's positive and happy. Taking deep breaths and closing your eyes also help a lot! I have had doctors tell me this so much and I have come to find it true: the anxiety and fear is usually worse than the actual test/procedure, so if you calm your mind, it will be less painful; when you are anxious, you get tense, and that causes things to be more painful than they are! It also helps so much to have someone else there with you so that you can squeeze their hand or talk to them or something. Also, another thing I do, is usually after a test or appointment, I usually treat myself to something nice afterwards. You'll be fine! :smile:
  4. Just wanted to wish you good luck and try not to worry!
  5. Best of luck! I'm sure everything will turn out just fine. :flowers:
  6. Good luck with the biopsy. I never have one, only a mole removed a long time ago, that's all.
  7. I am sure it will go smoothly.

    If you practice yoga that might help calm and center you first :flowers:
  8. Good Luck and try to get some rest tonight.
  9. I had one on my SCALP!...Its a peice of cake...I had no probs...GOOD LUCK!
    itll be over fast and u will barely feel anything!
  10. Well, I went today. They took a small piece, but said it was too big and too deep to do today. I have what they call a "surgical appointment" scheduled which is apparently just longer and in a sterile room because what they're cutting is bigger I guess?

    I expected it to be off today- everyone I know has gone once and come back with the mole removed. But I guess I have to wait :sad: