skin aging at 22?!?

  1. Hello everyone :smile: I have never posted in the beauty bar, I'm usually posting over in Tokidoki/Lesportsac, but I'm having an anxiety attack over something completely crazy... I'm only 22 and I think I have wrinkles! Or else I'm just really dehydrated! I only noticed them recently, but I've been under a lot of (relationship, work, moving) stress and haven't been taking great care of myself as a result. There are fine, fine lines around my mouth (in the creases that show when you smile) and even horizontal ones on my forehead (thank god I have bangs)-- scary!!

    I'm way too young to have these. I wear a very high SPF (I have pale skin that I like to keep pale :smile: not to mention skin cancer concerns) practically every day, rarely drink alcohol and don't smoke at all although I live with three smokers. I have had an eating disorder (and been severely dehydrated because of it) for many years which I'm now worried has also contributed to these early signs of aging... along with the stress.

    I have plenty of lotion, one with vitamin E, and Dove Night Rejeuvenating Lotion, but nothing specific for lines/wrinkles.. I feel shallow for being so upset, but I am too darn young for this :sad: Someone help. Is this terribly uncommon for someone my age?
    What should I use?
    Is there a chance I can get rid of them completely or is it too late once they're there?

  2. Calm down, you are OK. :yes: You are young and if you take good care of your body, your skin will look good. Young skin can has elasticity and heals faster, but you do need to take care of your body. Stay out of the sun! Sun is bad, bad, BAD! Try not to inhale all that 2nd hand smoke. Good for you that you drink moderately, but the eating disorder along with the dehydration is something to be concerned about. Your skin needs water, lots of it and vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutritional substances found in food.

    Topical creams and pills will not have the same effect as eating healthy. Try to visit with a nutritionist to determine what sort of healthy foods you should be eating and those unhealthy foods you should stay away from like foods that have high sodium, sugars and sodas.
  3. thank you so much for your support and kind advice, gr8heart! :smile:
    do you think taking vitamin c will help me at all (or just vitamins in general..)?
  4. ^ vitamins help, but you need a healthy diet first and foremost. Being around secondhand smoke is a red flag, sorry to say but it's true. Good for you for not smoking, not drinking much and using high SPF. Believe me that pays off. I agree with GR8 to talk to a nutritionist about what to do now that you've gotten beyond the eating disorder (congrats!) and how to have a good, lean, healthy diet.
  5. Calm down you are only 22yrs... Stay away from second hand smoke it can be as damaging..Drink a lot of water and exercise....Stress is a major contributor beacuse it releses a lot of cortisol...So take it easy, Make sure that you get plenty of sleep also eat healthy, lot of bright colored fruit they contained a lot of antioxidants.....All vitamins are good for your skin.... and if the problem still persist see a dermatologist, even better a plasticc surgeoun. I find my plastic surgeoun takes better care of my skin better than dermatologist.....Good luck...
  6. Is your skin dry...? I used to have extremely dry skin, and often had troubles with dehydration too. I was dieting all the time so I avoided all the food that had fat in in. Needless to say I weighted very little, and some fine lines started to appear on my 20s... I did smoke too.
    Since then I've been taken care of my skin with heavier creams meant for a lil older skin, and I'm a heavy user of eye creams too - I'm even using them around my mouth. That has helped me a lot and now that I'm 30 my skin looks pretty good!
    I've also noticed eating salmon has improved my skin a lot, I believe it's the fatty acids and sounds like you might have a lack of them too..?
    It's easy to say, not to do but try to find some way to handle your stress:flowers:
  7. oh I must add; you're still so young that you can improve your skin a lot if you start taking care of yourself now!
    I also believe the biggest factor is the food, so seeing a nutritionist is definitely a good idea.
  8. I'd definitely add that a multivitamin is essential. I take One a Day for Women. I started taking a multi in college and I noticed that I almost never get sick.
  9. When I was @ University with one of my bf's, she had quite a bit of deep lines around her eyes. Sometimes this is genetics as well. I know some women who are in their late 30's and early 40's and not one darn wrinkle. It differs, and as you mention, your lifestyle plays a role into it as well. I don't have any facial wrinkles, but then I run around with sunglasses on all the time. I also get acupuncture done all around my face. The above posts had wonderful suggestions!
  10. I'm not knowledgeable on how your eating disorder might have affected your skin, but what I CAN tell you though is drinking plenty water will make a whole lot of difference.

    I started drinking water regularly a while ago and my skin has never looked better. It cleared up and regained elasticity and plumpness. You're on the right track by wearing sunscreen everyday (I love the look of pale skin, too!), but I would consider investing in a different skin care routine if you have the means. Shiseido's skincare line has worked wonders for me, and it's not nearly as expensive as most high-end skincare lines.
  11. Yes! Eating salmon (a great source of omega 3 fatty acids) is GR8 for the skin and body. Essentially, it is what you eat that will really make a difference. Taking vitamins (C, E and B's) will help, but nothing will work as well as munching on broccoli, or carrots, or eating wheat bread with a little butter (vitamin E-stay away from the partially hydrogenated oils contained in imatation butter). As for topical creams, the Olay brand is highly regarded as very good and inexpensive for moisterizers. It is well known and documented that expensive topical face creams work no better than grocery store brands, so do not spend money on expensive face creams.
  12. Thanks you guys!
    I will definitely heed your advice and hope that it helps! :smile:
  13. From what I heard, tomatoes are good for the skin too. So try and eat more of those, and drink lots of water!

    I'm 24 and I've just started taking care of my skin. Changing the way you eat is the best way for now.

    Perhaps it's even some of the things you're using too.. I try to avoid using too much products since I'm not sure of half the things they contain. I use a lot of natural and/or baby products (like Johnson's baby oil as makeup remover). It's something I picked up from my mom. She's turning 50 this September, but she has the face of someone in her early 30s.
  14. Genetics, diet and staying out of the sun seem to be the 3 main factors contributing to skin aging. It sounds like you have recovered from your ED, but are you still underweight? Being extremely thin can sometimes lead to skin looking a bit older because there is insufficient fat in the face.
  15. Start drinking plenty of filtered water. Cleanse out your system. You might want to do a colon cleanse too.