1. Okay everyone...this is my first time wrting a resume. I have done searches and read posts but it doesn't really seem to answer my question.

    I am stuck on Job dumb as that sounds lol! Do I describe what kinda of person I am?? hard working...honest...etc...
    or stuff operations?? I'm really confused!

    Any help from all of you would be so greatly appreciated!! Thanks
  2. just include what kind of real concrete skills you have. for example, you could say computer skills and list what programs you're good at using. language skills if you speak any foreign languages.
  3. Alright...well I know some spanish since that's all my coworkers speak around me lol
  4. The employer wants to know how social you are? GL!
  5. Write that you are punctual, hard-working, dedicated, computer literate, fluent in Spanish(if you are), determined, friendly, etc. Think about what kind of person you would want to hire if you hiring someone, then put those characteristics down on your résumé. Also, when listing your job skills, consider the job you are applying for, and what skills would be essential to have in that position. Don't make your résumé too long and drawn out, and don't overload your job skills with too many words/adjectives, just the skills needed in this position. Good luck!
  6. Right on the dot...thank you!:yahoo:
  7. You're welcome!:smile:
  8. Good luck with your resume!!!
  9. I find that you should also relate the skills you list to the type of job you are applying for.
  10. i personally wouldn't put something like hardworking, determined, friendly under the skills section. it's not a skill, it's a character/quality. it'd be better suited under a summary/goal section...

    skills should be more job related and specific IMO

    have you tried googling resume samples and going to the bookstore to check out guide books? that's a good start. unfortunately i don't have any sample resumes for you.

    good luck
  11. ^^^ I think Bub's is correct.

    Skills would be
    Mac user
    Excel spreadsheets
  12. :party: Thanks!