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  1. Does anyone use SKII products? Which ones and how do you like them?
  2. No. But I heard their Vitamin C serum is awesome.
  3. Hi Sparkle,

    Yes, I use them and I :love::love::love: them! I've been using them for about 3 years now, and from time to time, I'll switch -- because we all get fickle, right? And, I always go back. I use their foaming cleanser, the Essence (always), and then depending on the time of the year (summer vs. winter), I use the UV cream or the UV lotion, and the Refining Treatment and the Advanced Cream (in red jar). And, now I just starting using their wrinkle essence around my eyes. The SAs will usually load you up on samples.
  4. Are you oily? breakout prone?
  5. I was very very oily -- mianly in the T-zone when I was younger (teens and 20s), but as I've aged (I'm 38), it's decreased. But, I'm still definitely shiny within a couple of hours after I wash my face.
  6. I use SKII as well, since february last year.. Eversince i used SKII, i just cant seem to find other products that works well on me.. only SKII. I love it! Like shopper_girl8, i have verry oily skin, after using the essence, facial clear solution and repair c.. my skin is much much better!
  7. i use skii too....i use their essence, toner, facial clear lotion, masks, foundation, cleansing oil, and dewrinkle essence (well that's my mother's :P) and i absolutely love it....i haven't found anything that's as great on my skin (although i do mix in other products for part of my skin regimin)......i love the lotion for my oily/dry skin, and the essence is supposed to be great for preventing wrinkles :yes:
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