SKII Air Touch Foundation is the BEST!!!

  1. I tested this SKII Foundation today. It is the best foundation ever! If you have a chance to try this, you must! Worth every cent! :nuts: It comes with an instructional CD also. You can actually put it on over anything that is not liquid based. Apparently, it is attracted to water. So you can put on any concealer or coverup any red spots, put on eyeshadow, powderblush, etc. The wet stuff, like mascara goes on afterwards. However, she did say that you can put it on after everything else if you let everything else dry. After you spray it on, it takes a couple minutes to dry, and then looks beautiful. Flawless (well, as flawlessas possible!)!!! It's supposed to last about 3 months. I don't know how because seriously the packet is like a sample size of lotion! Definitely try this if you are looking for a beautful finish on you face! :yes: Anyone else like it (or dislike it)????
  2. hi luxuryfan,
    Is this product available in US? Can I get it in Saks?

  3. I have heard about it, and was curious to see how well it worked. Does it stay on all day? It always seems at the end of the day all of my makeup has "fallen" off of my face, I really need something that will last all day, and has good coverage. How long does it take to put on?
  4. I bought it at Saks. The associate told me they were selling it at select Saks throughout the country. The pamphlet that came with it has a customer service number of 800-581-1950 to find a counter near you. Hopefully that will help.

    It does stay on all day and looks no different at the end of the day. I was shocked. It really is simple and only takes a minute to do your face. It's really goof proof because it goes on in those areas that don't have it. :yes:
  5. I Don't Know. It Is Not That Easy For Have To Apply It With Your Eyes's Not That Even . I'm Not That Crazy About It.
  6. i picked mine up yesterday (it was the last one in the store :yes:) and i'm going to be trying it out this morning...wish me luck!!! :yahoo:

    at least if i don't completely love it, i can be comforted by the fact that i didn't pay for it :P
  8. So how'd it go? I'm really thinking about tracking one down, or begging for one for Christmas. Does it go on evenly, and provide good coverage? ;)
  9. lol :roflmfao: nono my boyfriend bought it for me because i coudln't stop talking about it :yes:

    and melissa i think i still haven't completely gotten the hang of it....i used it yesterday and the results were okay (honestly i wasn't completely thrilled :crybaby:) and then i used it again and it looks much much better.....

    i think that as long as you spray evenly the coverage is pretty for coverage, it's somewhat sheer but you can build coverage...either way i'd recommend some concealer under it....and if you've tried dior's spray on foundation, the coverage is much much much sheerer than that

    but overall i'm happy with it, partially because it takes away the necessity of touching my face (which i try to do as little as possible to prevent winkles :upsidedown:) and it's really fast and easy and the foundation contains pitera like all other SK-II products and i'm just a big fain of their line...

    u should definitely go to your local store and have one of the ladies at the beauty counter test it out on you so you can see what you think :rolleyes:
  10. oh and i forgot to mention my favorite part, which is that it has this ionization feature (not that i really know what it means or how it works :P) that prevents it from going on your hair or eyebrows and stuff.....that was my one major gripe with the dior foundation, it would get all over my hair and brows and was kinda messy if i wasn't really careful and i'd have to remove it afterwards :Push:
  11. Yep, my friend sent me one from Japan a few weeks ago. This is indeed the BEST!! Featherlight and flawless!! But since it's quite pricy, I would probably save this for special occasion use only. I use the oil-free LM Tinted Moisturizer for everyday use... I heard that Saks doesn't carry the Airtouch in many color choices.....the color that I am using is only available in Japan, but it's a perfect match for my NC20-25 Asian skin.
  12. one of my concerns had been that the pamphlets and stuff on the device make it sound like the foundation will clog up the nozzle if you don't use it everyday......does anybody have any experience with this? i know if it clogs i can just buy another foundation refill, but i'd hate to ahve to throw away a perfectly good packet of foundation :confused1:
  13. I think there is a setting on the machine which you are suppose to use each time before you use it, it "spits" out a small amount of the foundation, and then you are to change it back to regular setting for airbrush. The "spitting" is intended to unclog the nozzle, so you get an even spray. I am at work atm, I will check the machine when I get home and report back. :smile:
  14. It does have a function that you use if you haven't used it for a week. Otherwise, it's okay to go. The rep told me that if you don't use it for a week and then want to use it, you just turn it to the appropriate setting and let a drop come out, then it's good to go. I've found that it does take a couple times to get the hand of the application, but the coverage really does look flawless. It totally evens out everything. I have found that I get a better result when I use a light foundation in any problem areas first, let it dry, and then spray on. At Saks, they had 4 different colors, but each color covers a range of 5 colors, which is really like 20 different colors. I think this is definitely the BEST! :rolleyes:
  15. LOVE IT! I've been using it daily since mid-September. So far I'm still on the first packet.