Skiers and Snowboarders...

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  1. Can everyone please share their first experiences skiing or snowboarding. I went snowboarding for the first time today. It goes down as possibly one of the worst experiences of my life. I couldn't get up the mountain and ended up walking up. Then I couldn't get down because I had no idea what I was doing, fell a few times, and ended up walking down. Anyone have similar experiences so I don't feel so horrible?
  2. Well, assuming you're at an actual ski place, you shouldn't be walking up the mountain at all. You should be taking a chair lift because it's easier, faster, and less tiring. As for getting down it, I had trouble with that too! I used to ski and did OK on easy runs, but two years ago I tried to do it on a harder slope after many years off. It went terribly and I ended up being taken down the rest of the way by ski patrol after I took a bad tumble. Nothing injured but my pride, luckily. As for snowboarding, I tried once and it was very difficult. If you've never skateboarded or anything like that before it's totally foreign how you steer the stupid thing, and it took me the whole day to figure out what to do. I fell a lot and I was soooo tired. If you really want to do it, and honestly, when you know what you're doing even a little bit, it can be really fun, I would suggest you go to a real ski/snowboard mountain and get a couple lessons. That will help you be safe and teach you enough so you can enjoy yourself. A warning though- falling is just part of the game in snowboarding, skiing not as much but some still.
  3. Did you take a lesson first or just take a lift up and try it?

    I have been skiing my whole life (and honestly cannot remember the first time I skied) but have seen new skiers enjoy taking a lesson first. The instructors are trained to work with brand new skiers and they will teach you the very basics: how to go down in a "snowplow" formation to hold your speed, how to shift your weight and make big, wide turns, and how to fall and get up after a fall! Just learning these few basics in the first 1-2 hours of your ski experience can make all the difference in liking it or not!! :tup:

    Having said that, I tried snowboarding once...and hated it the first time too!! Granted, I didn't take my own advice and take a lesson...instead some friends tried to teach me. I was really horrible at it. I think a real lesson would've done me some good.

    So, don't give up. Next time, sign up for a lesson and then try your newly learned basics. I bet you will like it more then.

    Good luck and have fun!
  4. I can vividly remember the 1st time I went snowboarding...

    My best friend and her family vacation every year and go skiing.... they asked me ( i was 13) at the time if I wanted to go, of course I thought it would be a blast. I grew up skiing but NEVER snowboarding, so my best friend and her brother had been snowboarding for a while, so they said they would take me and teach me. So we rented all sorts of stuff and hit the slopes... thank god we went to the beginner hill because I seriously feel like 300 times! After about 2 hours I was sore, hungry and beyond frustrated :cursing:... so I went back to the condo and let everyone else enjoy their day, I didnt want to ruin it for them. I woke up the next morning and thought I got hit by a whole body hurt sooooo bad! But they told me I had to get back out there... I wanted to die! So I went out again and just kept trying and trying and finally got the basic hang of it, and stayed out for 4 hours that day. The next couple days I just kept trying and trying and finally the last day we were there I got the hang of no means was I good, I fell ALOT, but I was able to go a few hundred feet and not fall!

    After those couple days we would go to a local mountain by us and I would just keep trying.... and FINALLY I could snowboard! It was worth the pain and frustration... because once you get the hang of it, its so much fun!

    I unfortunately havent been snowboarding in a couple years... DH and I were thinking about going this year, Im not gonna lie, Im a little scared since we havent gone in about 2 years!

    Keep trying and learning. The best thing to do would be to go to your local mountain and get a lesson, and just stay on the "bunnie" slops until you get the hang of it!
  5. We went to a local small mountain up here. I should have taken lessons by SO said he would teach me. We started on the bunny slopes where you have to hold onto the rope and it pulls you up, its not a lift but not as easy as it sounds. I couldnt hold on tight enough for the rope to actually pull me. I walked to the top of the trail and pretty much fended for myself because SO who is an avid snowboarder left me to get down by myself. I think next time I'll try skiing and I'll take professional lessons.
  6. I just got back from a snowboarding trip two days ago! Ohh, it was so much fun. When I first started last season, omg, I was horrible! Fell every two seconds but you just have to keep pushing yourself up and trying again. A tip is to stay on the edge's of your board, your board should rarely be completely flat to the ground. So either on your heel side or toe side. Best bet is just to take a beginner lesson and get the basics down first so you don't hurt yourself.
  7. I was never a good skier but that was because I would only go up 2-4/year so I wasn't able to get better. Then one year DH took up snowboarding and I was determined to learn. A friend of mine who began snowboarding when it first started took me up. She gave me some really good pointers. I fell A LOT! But by the end of the day I was able to get the hang of it. I was SORE for the next few days. It literally felt like someone had beaten me up. Went up with my DH (BF at the time) the following week and he was surprised at how well I did.

    Just keep it at and maybe take a lesson the next time you go up. It does get easier and it's soooo much fun. For me, snowboarding was much easier than skiing.
  8. I just took up snowboarding and I am so addicted. My DH and I have been going every weekend. I really advise you to take a lesson. I took a few lessons and they really helped me get the hang of it quickly. I took a group lesson my first time with all beginners and saw that everyone falls. The next time I went snowboarding I decided to take a private lesson because I wanted to work on certain stuff, like linking my turns together. It gets a lot easier the more you go. I also think the bunny hills are harder to snowboard on because the steeper the incline, the easier it is for your board to stay on your heel or toe edge. Bunny hills are pretty flat so it's easy to catch the wrong edge and go flipping over. Also the bunny hills seem to be hard as %$#* when you fall. Of course though stay on the bunny hills until you can control yourself but once you get it down, the steeper hills are actually easier IMO. As for the soreness, it's going to happen. Snowboarding is a huge work out. I read you can burn like 500 calories in an hour. When you get home from snowboarding a hot tub or bath is the perfect ending.

    I can't wait to go again this weekend. It's supposed to snow too!
  9. Snowboarder here! I used to ski, but no real lessons. Just kept teaching myself by going up the hill on the chiarlift, get off safely and ski down slowly.

    Snowboarding was alot tougher! After a few trips and feeling like I got hit by a bus, taking professional lessons was the BEST. Not only did they re-teach you about your balance on a snowboard, but also how to fall correctly so you don't hurt yourself.

    Take lessons, it's the best thing you can do for your mind and body!
    After 8 years of snowboarding, I still take the mid-day lessons that our ski resort offers. :smile:
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    I posted on another thread to not let your first time determine whether you like it or not, unless you love it. I've never a snowboarded, but have been skiing forever. It's a great feeling when you suddenly transition from a bit insure to complete control. DH was a skiier, but started a snowboarding later in life and he fell alot also, even though he had past experience skiing and surfing. He loved it also, but eventually went back since we've started backcountry, and it's a pain constantly transitioning with a split board. Seriously hang in there. You'll feel better about it after a few times, and I do suggest lessons to get the basics down. It's a great sport, not just for the fun of it, but to get out there and experience the beauty of the mountains.

    Oh and about the rope tow, I don't know how a beginning snowboarder can get up that. First there's that initial jerk then you have to balance all the way up. Stevens pass has one of those so you can get back to the lodge and when I first started, I'd fall and let it just pull me up on my stomach. Not really safe, but it the only way unless I walked.
  11. I have been skiing since I was little.
    All i remember is I used to "pizza" a lot instead of "french fry"
    LOL x]

    Now I have improved so much and ski black diamonds :smile:
  12. The first day of snowboarding is hard for everyone IMO. I found skiing to be pretty easy from the beginning whereas snowboarding has a much higher learning curve. I've taught a few friends how to snowboard and they are completely addicted now! Everyone comes back with a sore butt after the first few times because you will fall a lot.. but you can't give up! I would suggest buying a snowboarding lesson for beginners.. they will teach you the basics of controlling your board and most importantly how to stop lol

  13. Thank you. I felt like a loser because there were 5 years olds going up and I fell continuously. I ended up walking. I think professional lessons are definatley the way to go. BF was no help even though he did try.
  14. I started skiing about 12 years ago, but haven't gone in sooo long. I really miss it. Snowboarding was a lot harder for me to learn, because I was so used to skiing. I remember the first time I snowboarded, I was on my butt a LOT! And I could only turn one way, so I kept ending up in the woods lol.
  15. [​IMG]Well if it makes you feel better, my first day snowboarding ended in me breaking me arm!!!! It was horrible and hurt...