Ski Season is here! Where will you go?

  1. Please tell, where is your favorite ski destination? Do you downhill or X country? I am gearing up for a trip to Park City and would love to hear where everyone else goes!!
  2. Tahoe baby!

    1hr drive east :smile:
  3. I like skiing (and snowboarding) at Breckenridge. It's where I first learned to snowboard and then ski and I still love going there.
  4. We go to Snowbird Utah every year 3-4x.
  5. Taos - out of the way, great skiing!!!great food!
  6. Whistler!
  7. Will be going to Soelden, Austria in February :smile: ...not to ski this year though! Will be going mainly for the thermal pools/lakes and some non-downhill sledding, lol
  8. Hopefully Tahoe! Heavenly or Kirkwood I believe. Wooooo snow!
  9. Vlad and I are going to Sun Valley, ID this year with some friends- a bit different from the Alps where Vlad grew up skiing, but I am excited!

    We are both learning to Snow Board this year... definitely will take pictures to show you all! :supacool:
  10. I will be going snowboarding in January to Stoneham and Mt. St. Anne in Quebec. I'm hoping it won't be too cold...last time I went snowboarding in quebec to Mt. Tremblant it was sooo cold it didn't matter how many layers you had on.
  11. Sugarloaf Maine
  12. skiing in åre as per usual... can't wait! :yahoo: i got new skis last season and they're just amazing!
  13. Tahoe - X Country. I'm dreadful downhill.:yes:
  14. i go to keystone, breck or a-basin on weekly basis. my favorite is breck tho....
  15. We're going to our place at Smuggler's Notch in Vermont. Good family place. I think it was voted #2 in SKI Magazine as being such.