Ski Jackets???

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  1. I am looking for a cute yet very warm ski jacket. I have never been skiing before, and I have a tendency to get cold very easily, so I figure having a warm and cute jacket to ski in will at least help to make my first trip that much better. Any ideas???
  2. Chanel did loads of cool ones last year. For a cheaper alternative, NorthFace is alright as well. =)
  3. I recommend you visit a ski shop and look around. Prices for good ski jackets can be high, but they are definitely worth it. Here in NY we have Princeton ski shops and Pedigree ski shops. I have several ski jackets made by Spider. I also have a couple of ski jackets made by Bogner. You should check them out.
  4. Great, thanks vogue and Kat for your help!
  5. I like Prada, Bogner, Killy, Moncler and Henri Duvillard.
  6. hmmm maybe Northface?
  7. i always get peak performance or zytt. peak performance is more readily available of the two, i'm not sure if you can get zytt outside sweden, although they do have a website, . it takes the cold properly, as does peak, i've been out in both in -30ºC and been fine. i had killy once and i didn't like it that much, i got wet which is a bit weird considering i fall maybe once or twice a week at most.
  8. Thanks for all the help ladies. I think that I will probably end up getting a Sypder ski jacket, they seem to be really good quality and have a really nice style. Thanks again!!!! ;)
  9. My brother has a Spyder and it looks nice. If your main objective is to keep warm I'd look into getting a Canada Goose jacket, though. You should probably go try some jackets on and see what looks good on you.
  10. I'm pretty devoted to Helly Hansen - the best technical jackets I've come across.
  11. ^^^ yes, i wear helly hensen too. :biggrin:
  12. Spyder's are great jackets. has some on sale.
  13. I love Spyder jackets, they have a really nice cut and the styles with the fur hoods are so cute.
    They are so well made as well and most styles are warm without being bulky.
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  15. i love Moncler jackets!they're not technical, but i use it both when i go skying and to go out....i like the way they look!