Skewed Priorities? LOL

  1. Yesterday I took my 10 yr old niece out to lunch. We had a great day but when we came out of the parking lot I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking and I tripped over one of those curb bumper thingies to stop the wheels of a car. I fell forward onto my knee, then fell forward onto my face! My Gryson was in front of me!!! I thought I broke my knee the pain was so bad but darn it if the 1st thing I did was get up and look at my bag! Scuffs all over it from the Cement!:crybaby:

    My neice is screaming "Aunt Lala, are you okay?" And I'm thinking "Oh My poor bag!"....LOL:wtf:

    First thing I did was get home and use Balenciaga Conditioner on it and buffed it like crazy. Looks brand new like nothing ever happened. I thought it was a goner for sure. I made sure my Hubby saw the bag and how I fixed it up. Then I showed him the 4 x 2 inch black & Blue on my Knee. Wonder if Balenciaga Conditioner would help that? :shame:
  2. OMG! You poor thing!!

    But I totally know what you mean.

    I scrubbed once (long, complicated story, LOL) and the first thing I did was to check my slacks for holes. Heck, the scrapes and bruises will heal, right?!?!

    I hope your bruises heal fast and I am so glad to hear your were able to buff out the screatches! :flowers:
  3. LOL :nuts: Now that is what I call a true handbag lover! I hope your knee heals just as fast as your bag did!
  4. I'd love to hear stories from others who have such skewed priorities as I do. And the reaction of people around them. My husband was really happy I cleaned up the bag but he never knew I even hurt myself. He was aghast when I showed him my bag first.
    Today I am limping around with a very stuff knee, but I'm okay because I've got my new Gryson Tate on my arm!!! :nuts: What a great bandaid!
  5. Glad to hear I'm not the only one....

    I was leaving work and convincing my dog to leave with me. You'll see her in my avatar. And I was walking backwards like a fool; the step was a lot closer than I thought it was. I managed to twist and fall, hurting my knees, hands and back. However I was much more worried about my pants - ripped out at both knees, and my favorite brown ankle boots - toes completely scuffed.
    Both the shoes and the pants were complete losses. But it did give me an oportunity to buy new boots - which I did in both black and brown. My husband then accused me of falling on purpose just so I could shop. :shame:
  6. Hope your knee is healing fast, Lexie. It's really unfortunate...but at least your bag is fixed up and saved, :smile: Guess that might lift the physical pain a little bit. Or, should we now think in this way: bags cannot heal themselves, but our bodies can......thus the bags get more attention than ourselves? :sweatdrop:

    And, congratulations for your Gryson Tate! Any pics?
  7. Glad you saved your bag and you are ok! Hope your knee heals quickly.
  8. I guess we can stop worrying about our bags when they start offering "bag insurance" or free yearly preventative Bag MRI's....LOL

    I posted another thread about the Tate with pics.
  9. Thank you for sharing that story--I'm not the only one. Hope your knee heals soon. I'd be administering first aid to my bag, too!
  10. Oh you poor thing! I hope your knee gets better fast. You sound like someone who would would be throwing her handbags out the windows if her house was on fire, screaming 'save the bags!' LOL (me too!)
  11. Lexie - your cat is gorgeous!!!

    When I was 16 I worked at KFC and had just washed the floor. It was slick but I'd dealt with that before. I was carrying a container of baked beans and SLIPPED...I fell right onto my hip.

    But not one drop of those beans came out because I refused to let them go. ROFL I didn't want to have to redo the floors!

    I realize that is nothing compared to a purse, but I know if I were to fall holding my purse I'd definitely sacrifice my body to save it damage!!!
  12. Oh, my...Lexie! You have had a few bag accidents lately...I remember your Botkier with coffee stains...Hope that your knee injury heals quickly. I know all too well how that is since I am still recovering from 2 knee injuries in two months. Both knees! Take care of your knees...and those precious handbags!
  13. Ooooh! I hope you feel much better now!
  14. i didn't know balenciaga made leather conditioner!