Sketchy Reseller Bella Bag?

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  1. #1 Aug 29, 2014
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    Hi Ladies,

    Has anyone ever dealt with I think I'm starting to have some SERIOUS paranoia. I'm probably over-reacting since nothing has happened but after a little bit of research on them, I'm sketched out. Here's the story.

    I recently just sold my chanel bag on ebay. The seller seems to be someone from because in their seller information they list name, shipping address in GA, phone number, and they also included a link to which I find out to be some reseller.

    They paid, I shipped, everything is fine. But then I got curious to see if they would sell my bag and for how much. Sure enough I see it on their website for almost double what they bought my bag for.

    My bag I sold on ebay here: x
    Same bag they relisted on their website here:

    Capitalism, sure, bravo to them for making a profit on my bag if they can. I started looking around the site because I saw other nice bags that I like. Since I've never heard from them before I wanted to do some research to make sure they are legit before I buy from their site. They just bought my purse which I know is authentic and they are selling it so surely they do sell some authentic stuff but regardless I started googling.

    Here's what I found....
    On their website they list that they are a BBB accredited business in Florida. The BBB website lists the business website as, which if you click on.. redirects you to This business is a BBB Accredited Business since 01/14/2011. GREAT!

    Now... the bag that I sold was shipped to a GA address.. which I found on Yelp as a brick and mortar store...

    This store also lists their website as...

    So its safe to assume that this brick and mortar store and is the same business.

    Further searching on BBB gives me this additional BellaBags business... in GA. The link on this BellaBag business is UH OH

    RED FLAGS!!!!! :sos::rtr:
    1. The reviews on the Yelp store are HORRIBLE. They reference the same owner listed on

    2. The second BBB listing for the business in GA is rated F.... for multiple customer complaints. Their online link is which redirects to

    2 BBB listings for the same business, one accredited and one not.

    I'm super worried now that issues will arise from them.. but maybe I'm over reacting. Maybe nothing will come up from them but just throwing caution out there... I'm not sure how I feel about BellaBag anymore....
  2. I don't know what the issue is here. You sold your bag, and got your money. I would only call them sketchy, if they had listed your bag before they bought it from you!! A lot of consigners like Real Deal, etc. sell on ebay, too.
  3. You can't post your eBay ID or auctions here, I had to remove it. You could post pics if you're wanting to connect the bag you sold to the one they're selling.
  4. I don't see anything wrong with this. I do believe a lot of consignment and re-seller buy and sell on eBay and their website. As long as you got your money safely and no complaint afterward. It should be find for them to resell your bag.
  5. I think it is perfectly normal for reseller to grab good deals off eBay from ppl with less selling experience and turned it around sold for higher profit. It happens a lot in antique trading.
  6. are you buying something or did you just sell to them? if you were going to buy and don't feel comfortable then don't do it, but if you sold the bag and got paid no worries! I think I've heard of them, but I never bought anything. Having 2 BBB listings is a bit weird, but one really angry customer can totally sink your businesses! If they make a bunch of accounts to slander you, leave bad reviews and complain with friends to the BBB they can totally ruin your reputation. Not saying that's true for this store, but its possible that they just needed a fresh start to put to rest one ugly situation. if their ebay account has a really good rating i would trust that the most. and if you compare all their other online reviews you can usually see if its just a few bad apples or real. anyhow, i wouldn't deal with anyone that makes you uncomfortable. there are a lot of great resellers out there now that would love to have your business and make you feel right at home!
  7. and also, like tonkamama said, this is totally normal to buy off ebay and resell! Resellers have a customer base that most individuals don't have. Just like any other items that are resold, they buy them from people who are selling their bag but don't have a store or customer base, so they get it for less. Then they present it nicely to their own customers, maybe get it cleaned up, and sell it for a higher price, that's how they make money!
  8. I don't see the whats sketchy you got your money what's the big deal? It's their bag now and they can resell it.
  9. OP, it looks like you are upset because your buyer is selling the bag for a lot more money. He/she has the right to do that. :smile:

    I understand your pain, because I recently saw one of my bags for sale for >3X of what I received from the consignment store. :shucks:

    On the bright side, you sold a bag on ebay without complications. From what I read here, this was a big achievement! ;)
  10. No no guys I'm totally OK with them selling it for more. Like I said in my original post capitalism sure. That's how things work. I just wanted to get your opinion on the resellers because the whole 2 bbb thing seems odd and the reason why I posted in the first place is because I was interested in buying from them. My original question was has anyone else dealt with bella bag before?
  11. Don't take this the wrong guy way guys. I'm not upset. Paranoid at the practices is all. :smile:
  12. I also thought about just posting on the authentication forum on a few bags from bellabag.Com but then I remembered that the authentication ladies always say I never have enough other posts... :sad:
  13. I have bought from them before. Excellent experience & I received an amazing bag. I've sold an item to someone on ebay who relisted it for almost double. Nothing is wrong with it. You should be happy you even made a sale.