Sketchy posting!

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  1. Did you look at their feedback? Two are identical, from different users with similiar names! And all for some Grand Prix shirts!
    I can't believe people who have $700 to spend on a bag are dumb enough to fall for these guys.
    Does it count as circumventing paypal fees or something reportable?!
  2. Yeah, this is an obvious circumvention of paypal fees and an ebay no-no. Report 'em! :police:
  3. I personally wouldn't pay any other way than paypal, especially spending that much, but some people don't mind. He isn't doing anything wrong though, he may have been burned by paypal and is no longer happy with using them.
  4. I don't think you can circumvent paypal fees....they only get them if the buyer chooses to pay through paypal, he is just offering free shipping for other payment methods.
  5. I say report this guy for excessive S&H.
  6. And is it me or do plastic wrapped handles usually indicate fake?

  7. I thought shipping was high as well...
  8. only fool could buy for him
  9. reported for excessive s&h, and for surcharges with payment method!
    Hopefully someone will be saved from their own stupidity today...
  10. Maybe it is the same scammer that "sold" those other 2 bags and thought ill try it this way because i keep getting reported with those others ?!

    Who knows :roflmfao:
  11. I live in the U-S and have shipped expensive items to Canada and elsewhere internationally. Insurance and delivery confirmation included, it NEVER costs this much to ship. Maybe $30-40 max. A buyer shouldn't be penalized for wanting the security of paypal. The one time I was nearly scammed, the seller was also trying to convince me to use direct bank transfer or money order. They can't be traced and if you're scammed, forget about seeing your money or the bag you wanted.
  12. This is exactly why I said that I personally wouldn't pay any other way than paypal. I sometimes offer free shipping with BIN, and require immediate payment through paypal. I have had buyers who don't want to get a paypal account and are upset with me because they want to pay with a goes either way, some people just don't like paypal.
  13. That's not sketchy AT ALL!!! If you pay through money order the seller doesn't get raped by the Paypal fees!!! So obviously they can then give you a deal on shipping or will encourage alternate methods of payment to better themselves.... I Loooove when people pay me for large ticket items outside of Paypal I save over 200$ sometimes!
  14. yes, but they shouldn't be adding it into the postage cost ! they will get rapped for doing that !