Sketchy international buyer - SCAM?

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  1. I was selling a bag in auction format with a BIN price and a 50$ lower opening bid. Moments before the auction closed, someone from Malaysia "bought it now" for 50$ more than the starting bid. They have ZERO feedback.

    I was confused, but sent the invoice anyway, including ~30$ shipping fee to Malaysia.

    Here was their reply, pasted below.

    This a some scam, right? Now I know why some people don't allow international buyers :crybaby::crybaby::cursing:

    I agreed to pay the amount you want to sell now any additional money for the shipping and handling. Here will go i am using this opportunity to inform you that the amount that will be on the check will more than your item fees.I don"t realy know the exact amount that will be.Because it will be issue by my client.and the reason of the over payment is that.the amount on the check has been signed already.And it is more than your item once you receive must deductyour item fees and westernunion the balance money to my client manager in Malaysia the item is going to Malaysia also the shipping and westernunion address will come with the payment.
    There will be no problem about the shipment.I want you to responsible for it.also make sure you deduct ur item fees and western any aditional money on the m/o once you receive it.and email me ur phone# asap today.

    Below are the questions i have for you.
    1)is the item in good condition?
    2)is any westernunion location where you can send the balance money arround you?
    3)can you make sure you get the m/o cash at your bank the sameday you receive it?
    4)can you allow me to send DHL for the pick up and complete the transaction the day you receive thecheck If yes too all my questions.kindly email me back your full name, address and mobile# asap today
  2. Wow, total scam.
  3. I'm so annoyed! Second time being scammed on eBay - first time as a seller :cursing:

    Thanks for your input!
  4. jandelvis: I'm sorry, but you're right to be concerned. This is a common SCAM. Report it to fBay and see if you can recover your fees.

    I would also send an email to the scammer letting him know you'll be reporting him to the FBI's IC3 for Internet fraud:
  5. Scam :tdown:
  6. Apparently I cannot open a complaint until 7 days after the auction ended.

    Think I can relist now without squandering my case to fbay? I'm anxious to open the auction to the watchers I had...
  7. definately a scam!!!! avoid!!!!!
  8. USUALLY.. messages like this can be emailed to .

    If you do not have your messages sent to your email, you CAN forward that message to your email & then email to ebay. And to the IC3 folks!
  9. actually call eBay and let them know the purchaser was a scammer. You can't open a claim online for the 7 days, but maybe they can do something earlier on the phone.
  10. Extremely common. This one is the one that tries to get extra money from you. There is another one where they use stolen eBay ids and then ask the person to mail it to a family member in Malaysia.
  11. You can go in seller's preference and block international buyers. This is a scam for sure..
  12. If you do relist mention on the auction that you had an unpaying buyer as if i was watching a high end item that ended BIN and then was listed again immediately i would be suspicious about how many you had and if they were fake - just so you know what your watchers might think :smile:
  13. Wow, unbelievable. I can't believe they are hitting the ebay markets now. I hope you reported it, ebay needs to send an email warning people of this scam. I'm glad you didn't fall for it.
  14. Yes, scam

    Copy and paste your auction into a document. If you forward it on to the spoof email they will likely remove your listing and you will have to start from sctatch. That will help you in not eating up any more of your time then the person already has.

    Not much more you can do other than contacting trust and safety.