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  1. And his mother was/is a Vanderbilt, no spoiled airs for him !

    Which is kind of along the lines of what I say.. I'm skeptical, but I'm also somewhat disappointed if there is some truth to it and someone feels the need to flaunt in such a way. It's one thing to say "hey look I like bags, check it out" versus "oh look at me, I have 92349834x more LVs than you'll ever have".

    I guess the abuse of the anonminity offered by the internet is just too attractive for some people, the lies can spew forth unchecked.
  2. I think we opened a whole new can of worms now.
  3. nothing to add ot the actual topic...BUT, orlando bloom is a hottie.
  4. I usually just let things like that go, if the person wants to do it thats their own business, as long as they aren't stealing my pictures/identity etc w/e :lol:

    Its worthless to lie about something like that anyway, since its not like they could pull it off in real life.