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  1. What is your first thought when you run across that new PF member who has 10 posts, but "100 LV bags" -- an exaggeration of course, but not far from the truth?

    What proof does it take for you to fully believe that someone owns the fabulous collection of LV that she so openly brags about but has no pictures of? Or, similarly, the fabulous fashion magazine editor who has fifth grade grammar (again, exaggerations)?

    There must be something so gratifying and exciting about exaggerating and sugar coating an otherwise normal (or sub-normal) existence, which is something that the 'net offers with unscrupulous abundance -- and annoys the rest of us who tell it like it is and don't find the point in lying because we are satisfied with our own lives.
  2. Clanalois! Hi hi hi hi hi!

    I'm totally the opposite, I don't really need any proof at all! I figure somebody's word is generally pretty good, even on an internet forum... and that's true 99% of the time, right?
  3. I guess because I have been using the Internet for so long, that I know there are people out there who make things up to make themselves feel better and feel "accepted" on the Internet. It's not my thing, I think it's silly, but if they feel the need to do it, then who am I to say anything? It's those who steal the online identities of others (such as Star's imposter that Megs posted about yesterday) who really irk me :suspiciou
  4. I always believe most people, silly perhaps, but that's me. :smile:

    and I don't come across as very exciting, :-P so I guess ya'll believe me! lol.
  5. lol I know! Me too!

    Oh except yesterday I just purchased 20 Chanel bags. :oh: Kidding, just the shoes.
  6. haha! Well, yesterday I went to Louis Vuitton and bought the entire store out! Everything they had! It's because I'm Trumps secret ex-wife nobody knows about. :-P

    but in all seriousness, I agree with Christina.
  7. :lol: You poor thing! Even if he is super rich, I still wouldn't go near him with a 10-foot pole, I think he's so unattractive!

  8. LOL.

    His hair (PIECE) is so horrible.
  9. Totally agree! That's exactly how I feel too. :lol:
  10. Let me at 'em! I think he's handsome. :oh: :worried: :sad2: Too bad his youngest son looks like some kind of deranged fowl.
  11. I tend to be skeptical of any outrageous claims, but other than that really don't think about it too much. If someone needs to build themselves up by saying they have 100 LV's or are sleeping with George Clooney or their dog won Westminster...whatever. I don't take it personally and don't let it affect me. And if any of you really are sleeping with GC, dish!!!!
  12. Cristina Megs had an imposter to as far as handbag pics.......remember the stolen paddy :evil: :evil: .

    Iddywho......I just love looking at bags. I can usually tell if they're fake and I don't typically post in their showcases. I won't let fakers ruin my time here at PurseBlog. :biggrin:
  13. I normally don't think anything about it unless maybe if they're like "I'm Kimora Lee!" then I'd think really?
  14. ^^^ Don't I wish! Damn GC is hot! Now I must go hop on my private jet to paris to buy a birkin in every color.
  15. Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Ugh :suspiciou Someone stole fayden's pictures, too :evil: