Skeptical of something a friend sold on Craigslist... need advice.

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  1. Ok so here is the story.

    My friend called me this morning and said her husband sold his Rolex watch on craigslist. The buyer is (supposedly) in Minnesota and says she buys things for people and the buyer is in Malaysia so she wants the item to be shipped there.

    I guess the buyer payed with a confirmed address from Malaysia but Paypal put a hold on the funds until the item is shipped and they confirm the delivery.

    I told her to get more information before the send the item ... maybe it's just me but I think the whole situation sounds fishy?

    I told her to contact the Minnesota lady and see if they can ship the item there and she can forward it to her buyer... any other advice I can tell her???

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. There is a LOT of fishy stuff coming out of Malaysia (I do not want to get bashed for saying this; if I have offended someone from Malaysia, please accept my apologies.). I would caution her heavily to check it out. Has the check cleared? Was it paid via PP? They could have hijacked a PP account or they will do a chargeback? Any experts weigh in on this? You are NOT protected in any way on Carig's LIst is all I know. Scammers abound on CL. Sounds like a scam waiting to happen.
  3. I'm no expert, but I recently listed something on Craigslist and have had about 20 emails from people asking if they could pay with PP and if I could ship it overseas. It is always the same story.."I'm buying it for my friend/brother/son, who is currently in Africa/Asia, and I would love to complete the transaction face to face. However, I am currently out of country too." It's very annoying but I just delete these emails.
  4. Sounds like a scam. Why would someone from Malaysia be looking on CL?
  5. I had the same e-mail sent to me twice yesterday because I listed an iBook on craigslist. I want the computer. I am in Utah. Buying it for daughter studying in Africa, blah, blah. It's a scam.
  6. but they buyer already paid through paypal ... should i just tell them to reverse the transaction? i told her it was a scam
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    The PP account could be stolen. Call Paypal and have them check it out through PP and only send to the confirmed address on PP. Pretty sure this is a major rip off. If it is a stolen PP account, you (or your friend - this is confusing: what your role is here?) will have to reimburse PP anyway. But you simply must talk to Paypal IMO. The other thing of note is the Malayisan customs are famous for taking the merchandise and it never gets through customs. Or if the buyers actually do get the Genuine Rolex, they will claim it a fake, file with PP, and actually send back a fake and win their PP case.You will be screwed six ways to Sunday if you go through with this!!!!
  8. CANCEL THE TRANSACTION! Now! This is a major scam. When the real owner of the PayPal account discovers the transaction the money will be reversed by PP and your friend will be without a Rolex.
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    OK, I'll let her know.

    Sorry bout the confusion ... this is NOT my item I have NO role in this except to give her my advice in the matter because she does not buy/sell or otherwise.

    I told her that it is not a good idea because even if the address is confirmed they could easily say that they were sent a fake item, etc. and cause a huge problem.

    Thank you for the input!

    I wouldn't even dream about selling a Rolex on craigslist or even CONSIDERING shipping it to Malaysia ... I just left her a message tell her to DO NOT SHIP THE ITEM AND CANCEL THE TRANSACTION!

    thanks ladies :flowers:
  10. I think that's the best advice you can give your friend. This whole thing sounded like a scam to me too.
  11. Scam scam scam
  12. Hello fellow Wisconsinite :party:

    I agree that this is a scam.

    All these scammers have to do is go to google and type in "Craigslist Rolex Watch" and many craigslist ads for Rolex watches for sale in the US will come up. I belive they just mass email these from a gmail or other generic account and follow through with those that respond. If people were really concerned about what they were going to get (especially with all the fakes out there) then they would want to see it firsthand, and now ask you to ship it out of the country.

    Hope he is able to reverse the funds with no problems!
  13. I still say call Paypal and alert them to this.
  14. This sounds like a scam to me! I had almost the same thing happen to me early last year but on eBay and someone from the Phillipines, but the story all sounds the same. I would try to stop your friend from shipping the watch asap!