SKECHERS sneakers

  1. Do any of you guys wear Skechers? What style and what color? I have always HATED the brand & I dont know why lol...I think the huge "S" that they usually have on the side turns me off for some reason:shame:
    Anywho, I saw the cutest cream/eggshell pair in Macy's with metallic gold trim on the sides & I have to admit I'm considering getting them. There's no huge S either lol. Are they really comfy? TIA
  2. I have a pair of the "bikers" - they're the ones that Christina Aguilera wore in ads a couple of years ago. They have velcro straps instead of laces and are white with red and black trim.

    I love them! They are very comfy, and good for walking. They have also lasted well, as I've had them for 2 years. I say get them - Sketchers have come a long way from the big clunky ones they used to sell!
  3. Those were the coolest thing 10 years ago (for my age group.) I don't think I've really worn them since! lol Thanks for the flashback!
  4. the last time i wore skechers was in hs when i was like 14 or 15. not a big fan now
  5. I have 2 pairs of Skechers and let me tell ya, they're one of the most comfy shoe brands ever! They're perfect for school.
  6. LOL. I too have always hated Skechers. I thought i was the only one. I still don't own a pair, but some of their designs are starting to grow on me.
  7. OMG, mom bought me a pair of blue platform Skechers when I was couldn't tell me anything, I thought I was sooo cool!:lol:
  8. I remember Sketchers. They were the coolest thing when I was in the 6th grade. I thought I was so fashionable when my mom bought me a pair of yellow and grey Sketchers sneakers for school. It was the pair with the UV stripes that reflected sunlight outdoors. I also had a pair of black Platform sneakers that lasted me 7 years. Sketchers is so comfortable.
  9. My only grouse with them is that they start their sizes at 6, and my size is 5 to 5.5. So I end up buying socks to wear the shoes with, lol.
  10. I have a couple of them in the biker-style. I usually wear them going to and from work as they are comfy and don't look as stupid as wearing white Keds with a work outfit in my opinion. My skechers are beige with some light pink. I also just bought another pair that are white and gold patchwork. I don't get them with the big ol' "S" on the side. That just looks tacky.
  11. they are the tackiest sneakers eww