sk3 or enV or...?

  1. i'm having a phone dilemma. i have a week to sign a new contract (my parents finally are making me get my own contract, lol). and i'm clueless.

    i want (nay, NEED) a full keyboard. i'm a textaholic. i love the way the sk3 looks, but hate the crapola camera and the bulk. i like that the enV is smaller, but the screen is tiny (and i have really bad eyes). both of them, for what i need, are going to run about $65-70 a month, i think.

    thoughts, opinions? other suggestions?
  2. and let's add the helio ocean in that mix...(which apparently has amazing features, but the phone is iffy).

    argh. this shouldn't be this difficult!!!
  3. T-Mo Dash

    You're welcome ;)
  4. okay. i like it, but it's not "me". something about an 'exposed' keyboard bugs the crap outta me.
  5. Fine...picky!

    T-mo Wing! ;)
  6. i know, i know. picky.

    holy crap. i LOVE the wing..but $300? eek (for me). but it looks like it would totally be worth it.
  7. I hear really good things about the Helio Ocean. It's only $65 per month for unlimited texting/IM/data and 500 minutes I believe with unlimited nights and weekends. It's cheaper than the other companies for what it offers. It will probably be my next phone! I wish they had more choices when it comes to phones though.
  8. i actually bought the helio ocean today!

    it's seriously an AMAZING phone- it puts the sk3 to absolute shame. it's bulky, but most with qwerty are, but it's actually not all that bad!

    hehe, i'm excited!!!
  9. Hey, Kallison! Good to see ya around!

    My daughter, my son, and I all three have enVs and love them. I'm not familiar with the other phone, though.
  10. I'd been looking at an enV, but will have to check out the Ocean now!
  11. the enV was really small for me (my eyes are REALLY bad for my age). they're all bulky, no matter what, which kinda sucks.

    but the dual slider on the ocean is pretty cool. and i've been texting like mad tonight (already 150 messages, haha). lots of really great features- i LOVE myspace mobile. google maps is proving to be fun, hehe. my only problem is that i cant get my gmail set up for some reason?
  12. I'm a sidekick lover.