SK-II vs. La mer vs. Khiels?

  1. all popular skin care lines, but is it all hype or do they live up to their name? Anyone with experiences with these products? whcih do you like better?
  2. I can only speak about Kiehl's. I haven't used the other lines. Kiehl's has been around since the 1800s. I like their daily facial moisturizer (only 20 some odd bucks) and their serums. I have had good results from them.
  3. Dont waste your $ on LaMer. I have used the whole line is it was a total waste of $. If you want a rich moisturizer then get L'Occitane's Ultra Rich Shea mask and use it like moisturizer. Its around $34 I think and is just as good.

    I used a bunch from Kielhls a while ago and was never impressed with that line either. Now I have learned to pick a product I like and not buy the whole line.

    Fresh has a great exfoliator and face cream. And the new apple stuff from L'Occitane is good too.
  4. Oh I totally disagree about creme de la mer being a waste of money - I guess it depends on what sort of skin you've got.

    No word of a lie - I bought a pot of creme de la mer when it first came out and it's a small pot and set me back £175.

    Ive had it now for about 3 years and havn't used it - don't know why - until about a month ago - and now I don't think I could be without it.

    I have such bad skin and as soon as I started using this, my pores became invisible, my spots cleared up, my cheeks plumped up and my skin has just glowed - and I can actually leave the house without wearing a makeup base/foundation and feel confident.

    I love it!!!!!
  5. La Mer is good if you have very dry skin. Otherwise it will feel heavy. I like Khiels body stuff. I have never tried Skii stuff.
  6. I like SKII's foundation. It has pitera in it which help my uneven skin tone. But I am not going to get their skin care (especially the toner) because it smells very bad!
  7. SKII has good foundation especially for people with oily skin.

    I think La Mer is wonderful, but I only use it on my dry cheeks. I would break out badly with the heavy cream on my oily t-zone.
  8. I'll say it all depends on your age, skin type and needs. I have combination skin and I’m using a combination of all three in the past.

    La Mer for sure is the most expensive brand among all, but I should say I do love their cleaning gel and moisturizing cream. However, La Mer cream is VERY heavy and that’s why it’s only good for dry skin or like I just use it in winter time.

    Kiehl’s is inexpensive as compared to the other two brands. And they actually have many good products which you can try for the start. I recommend their pineapple papaya facial scrub, soothing gel masque and rare earth facial cleansing masque. Btw, you can always go to the store and ask for free samples. (in NYC)

    SKII will be the least brand I’ll recommend you as it doesn’t show much “effective” on me. Skin rebooster is the only product I recommend if you need a temporary 911 for your skin. Besides, some of my friends told me that your skin will actually be worsened if you stop using their products. :wtf:

    Anyway, you DO need to actually try those products on your skin as results and effectiveness will be different among people. Ours are just suggestions but hope they help.
  9. La Mer is a complete waste of money. I purchased a deluxe set at Saks a few years back. The set contained the face serum, creme de la mer, the face lotion, cleansing gel and a small sample of the concentrated forumla for the eye area. The "Creme" just left my skin looking greasy and did not absorb into my skin. This stuff is just a bunch of hype because a lot of celebs promoted it but there are much better products out there for a lot less money. I saw no results from this line.
  10. ack! what do you mean worsen? so If I stop using it..
  11. A have a couple of weeks using SK-II, I think I wasted my money! I still have the same pimples, I have not seen any improvement. I spent $400, I'm pissed off!
  12. La Mer has a new lighter gel cream for oilier skin. Has anyone tried this?
  13. My La Mer SA said that the creme feels heavy for some people so she recommended the new gel. It feels a lot lighter and in fact it feels GOOD :smile: I use the gel, eye balm, foundation, and my face feels awesome. More than when I was using presciption stuff. I use La Mer with Laura Mercier hydrating water and purifying oil.
  14. I need to try this la mer gel!
  15. I haven't tried the new la mer gel, but I use the lotion (the SA said Creme is for people with really dry skin or for older ladies) and the eye cream. I think the lotion is a can-do-without, whilst the eye cream works better for me (compared with SKII and estee).

    As for SKII, I had the whole skincare range, and I think it works pretty well for its price (well, for one, it's cheaper than la mer). The Essence Miracle Water is really good (although if I were to use an estee moisturiser instead of SKII moisturiser, I find that I start breaking out, so the 2 products are not compatible). Nah, I don't think my skin worsened after I stopped using it, it just went back to what it was before, which proves that SKII does actually work, at least for me.

    Haven't used Khiels before.