SK-II Product Users

  1. Hello Ladies! I just want to find out if there are any SK-II users here...if so, you must have heard about the scary news about the possibly harmful chemicals in their products. Although its not been clarified yet...did you stop using SK-II upon hearing the news? Throw it away?

    I've been using SK-II Facial Treatment Essence & after hearing the news I just put it aside & stop using it. I got scared!

  2. There is honestly nothing special about SK-II. It's only so expensive because of the "special" chemicals they claimed to have in it. I used it once and never bought it again. If you read the ingredients, you'll find that there really is nothing special in it. And yes, they put a lot of the "magical" chemicals in code so consumers cannot identify with it. If you really want something for your buck, I recommend La Mer because it really is terrific!
  3. SK-II products safe for use, says Health Sciences Authority

    Sep 22, 2006
    The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has tested the SK-II cosmetic range here and verified it to be safe for use.

    In a statement released earlier this evening, it said the six SK-II products sold locally were tested for chromium and neodymium. It was found they occurred as trace impurities and would not pose any safety concern.

    Chromium and neodymium can cause skin allergies and other illnesses. In China, sales of SK-II products have been suspended since Chinese health authorities found traces of these two substances in the products.

    The HSA said it would continue to closely monitor the situation, adding: "We will alert the public and take appropriate action when necessary to protect public health and safety."
  4. Hmmmm I like SKII but never heard any scare about their products...
  5. Thank goodness! I almost throw all my SK II products away! Thanks londondolly for sharing the information. I love SK II products.'s a link...when I heard about it I just cannot believe it. Anyway, I'm happy its been clarified already.

  6. I dont work for Skii. But this whole scare thing was totally blown out of proportions. Bunch of newspaper morons spreading fear and doubt.

    Virutally ALL the news sources out there never quoted how much of the metal is present in the make-up...which turns out to be 5 mg/Kg (according to China Daily).

    If you look around in the internet health sites, they will quote about several mgs of the metal to be dangerous.

    It means that you would have to eat like a several containers of of skii in A SINGLE DAY to get the effects of those metals.


    Please people, stay in school!
  7. i would have to say the ignorant party here is the one who uses the word "chineses"....obviously some of us need that schooling more than others :angel:

  8. OK OK OK....So I cant spell. My PhD is in chemistry, not spelling. And I went to school in the south, where we dont see much chineses. :P

    But sticking with the facts, there are virtually no news articles out there mentioning that the level of the metals are harmless. It is briefly mentioned in a Korean Herald paper.

    Now the Japs think it's a conspiracy by China becase the Chineses :P
    are failing to mention that they also found the metals in other make-up - Lancome, Christian Dior, Estee Lauder and Clinique.

    The Korea Herald : The Nation's No.1 English Newspaper

    :cursing: Better start bulding that bomb shelter.

  9. Using a racial slur word is inappropriate in a beauty forum. Moreover, in that P&G (a well known US compnay) is the parent company to SK, this news article sounds like bad reporting.