Rave SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

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  1. My Review:
    This is truly a great product. I sampled it first, and knew this is an investment for my skin, so I got the large size that comes with a pump.

    The best thing it does for me: With one pump (about a teaspoon) of this essence, I dab it all over my face. I immediately see the essence absorbing into my face and notice a visible change. I can see my face soften up (meaning face doesn't look blotchy, spotty, oily, red, etc) before my eyes. I know it totally sounds weird that I'm seeing change before my eyes -- almost like I'm hallucinating -- but it's true. :lol:

    I use it day and night. For daytime, SK-II helps control and balance the normal/oily skin combination. My skin with makeup looks flawless all day and I rarely need blotting paper even after moisturizer, primer, BB cream, power, bronzer, blush, etc.

    It prepares my face to absorb day or night moisturizer/makeup regimen. The instantaneous notice is pretty amazing, and I have seen improvement in the brightness and softness of my skin within two weeks of using this.

    This is in order that was recommended for day or night regimen to incorporate SK-II into your beauty treatment:

    Wash Face
    SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
    Day or Nighttime Serum

    Here is the profile on many of the department stores of this product -

    What it is:
    A refreshing essence that moisturizes the skin and supports skin cell renewal.

    What it is formulated to do:
    Facial Treatment Essence is enriched with more than 90 percent Pitera—the main ingredient used to enhance the skin's renewal process—plus nourishing vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids to promote a healthy skin cell renewal cycle. With daily application, this essence moisturizes, improves texture and clarity, and contributes to a more beautiful, balanced, and glowing complexion.

    What it is formulated WITHOUT:
    - Sulfates
    - Synthetic Fragrances
    - GMOs

    What else you need to know:
    Pitera, the main ingredient in the SK-II line, is known as “Miracle Water” or “Holy Water” in the East for its skin-renewing properties.
  2. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

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  3. I use the cellumination essence serum and it's pretty much the greatest thing I've ever done for myself beauty-wise. It completely transforms my skin. I'm in my 30s and have beautiful skin for the first time in my life.

    First, it has radically changed the texture of my skin. My face is so so soft and velvety now. When I put moisturizer on at other times during the day (I only use the serum at night) my fingers can't believe it's really my skin they're touching.

    My skin glows. I have bad hyperpigmentation issues and this has totally evened out my skin tone. My pores used to be huge and embarrassingly noticeable and now it's like they sealed up and shrunk.

    The best part is that it works immediately like you said. If I don't use it for a week all it takes is a couple days of starting up again to see noticeable changes.

    I can't say enough. Crazy expensive but incredibly worthwhile.

    I actually just bought the facial treatment essence about a week ago so I am still in the experimental stage with it. I'm not really convinced yet that it's necessary to use both products... to be determined.
  4. Thanks for the addition...I'll have to keep an eye out for that and will sample it.
  5. I've used this product and really did not see a difference in my skin. What I miss with SK-II was its spray foundation. That stuff was magic, it went into every little area on the face. Then it had a "drop" function so you could pump out one drop for problem areas. It was a pain to put the refill in the container, but the refill lasted a long time so that was OK. I wonder why they discontinued it? I used to give it as gifts, all my friends loved it.
  6. I'm definitely a fan of the essence - also really like the clear lotion :tup:
  7. I've been using it for less than a week and felt a diff after one use! I pair it with the stem cream :smile:. There was a promo on my way back from hk for 15% off any purchase over $2000hkd so I bought both! Does anyone know if the price is consistent worldwide?

  8. I've been trying to find someone to replace that for years!!!! That was an amazing product!!!!

  9. I believe it's least expensive in HK
  10. I wonder if it's still sold in Japan. Id love to get my hands on it again.

  11. I didn't see it in japan when I went 2 years ago :sad:
  12. Anyone using sk2 stempower essence??

  13. I saw it this March when I was at Narita airport. They had a limited edition spring set which included a mask, the travel size clear lotion, a set of cotton pads, and the full size essence for about 70 USD.

    Unfortunately I didn't notice any significant improvement in my skin after using the essence :sad: Maybe I need to give it a couple more weeks?

  14. You saw the spray foundation in March? I need to get back to japan!!! That foundation worked wonders. Ppl would stop me in the street to ask what skincare I used...little did they know it's really just the foundation lol

    How are you applying the essence? I've heard that it's best to apply it with a cotton pad and just dab it all over your face

    I used SK-II on dh one night....the very next day, he got a lot of compliments on his skin at work...

    One of my favorite products is actually the facial treatment mask

  15. Oops, i didn't read the earlier posts, I meant I saw the essence treatment, sorry :sad:

    I used a cotton pad at first, but then I read that I should apply it directly with my hands to avoid wasting the product, so I started doing that instead. Maybe I should go back to using cotton pads?

    I should try it on my fiancé, he might have better luck than me!