SK-II, Does it work?


Sofa King Broke
Aug 29, 2006
Hi Ladies, I need some feedback on this product before go ahead an spend a fortune on a product that might not work for me. Here is my story: :crybaby:I always had healhty looking skin and I look 3 or four years younger than my true age. I'm 32 yrs old. Never used sophistcated or expensive creams, cleaning my face using a delicate bar soap was enough for me. About 2 yrs ago a decided to go back to school (increased stress, etc.) and I noticed my skin started deteriorating. I NEVER had acne before and now I can't get rid of these pimples, they are only a few that appear and dissapear always in the same spot. My skin looks dry and dead with some redness and it's very sensitive to almost any product I try. I tried different products but nothing it seems to work. Even tried Proactive<--- ruined my face. I'm actually using Pevonia Botanica (I can't see the benefit but it does not irritate my skin as Lancome, Chanel, others).
I heard about this product in class (when analyzed Procter and Gamble Company) I heard incredible stories about it. Does it work? Which one of their products should I buy? .- they seem to offer a lot of different products but I'm particulary interested in the one they called "miracle water".


Nov 28, 2005
the "miracle water" would be the essence, but they have pitera, their "miracle" ingredient in all their products

i would definitely suggest that your first product be the facial clear solution-it's specifically meant for people who have acne/are prone to break out, and i think it's wonderful. it's a gel-type moisturizer that's very very light and almost watery, absorbs instantly, but leaves your skin feeling moisturized. i have allergic reactions to a lot of products and this has caused me zero irritation.

i also love their cleansing oil-i thought i would never use an oil because i have very oily skin that breaks out like crazy during exams, but it actually seems to stop the break outs and does an amazing job cleansing my skin

i would check out (id you haven't already) for reviews of all the products-some reviews are very specific and although products work differently for different people, the information you find will be very useful in helpign you make a decision


Dec 17, 2006
Works great. Getting the correct color sight unseen is the trick. japan offers more colors but you have to order those off ebay.
ive tryed a couple colors and also the tip I got here to go vertical as well as horizontal really helped get a great coverage.