sk ii airtouch foundation

  1. help i have sk ii air touch foundation and i can't get it to work. i have installed the cartridge and the battery. the red light goes on and nothing but air comes out. please does anyone know whats wrong or what i am doing wrong.
  2. Kathy, same thing happened to me, hold it with the nozzle pointing down and keep pressing, it might take up to a minute or two for the foundation to come out, and do this on the drop setting. Should be fine. Once you start using this and get proficient there is no going back!
  3. did u do the snap in the cartridge so that it's open? :yes:
  4. ^Like jc2239 said, you have to remove a bit of plastic on the little foundation package to get it to work. Then press the drop button down for up to a couple of minutes, until you see a drop or two of foundation coming out. :flowers: