SJ's shortlist

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  1. I'm dithering (again) over my next purchase. Have now narrowed it down but could do with some opinions. I want a second summer bag. I already have lemon Roxy. My summer wardrobe is mainly white, black, navy, bright blue, bright green, bright pink, red & some turquoise.

    Which one of these would you go for?

    Aqua Roxanne.
    Vanilla Elgin.
    Coral Agyness Hobo.
  2. Well the Coral Agyness is going to clash with bright blue clothing and its such a strong coloured bag you would be better wearing neutrals to " tone " the look down.

    Aqua Roxanne would go with most of the colours and the Vanilla is a great colour to " blend " and goes with most colours.

    Another trip to Shepton maybe ?
  3. God no, have got the boys this week & really must get some work done. I've a credit voucher so I thought I'd decide & do a mail order. If I go I'll only see something else & be even more undecided!!!
  4. In the paper on saturday on the fashion pages the editor was talking about a skirt in coral looking great with black so if you wear a lot of black it would be great
  5. I read that piece, it was Alexandra Shulman wasn't it. I try to ditch black as much as poss in the summer because I live in it in the winter but occasionally I just can't resist a black & white outfit!
  6. Mmmmm....what about the cream or is it white ? poppy bag .....just a thought.
  7. I love black linen in the summer, but that's by-the-by :upsidedown:

    SJ, I'd be worried about you getting another rox. I understand how you normally feel about having two bags in the same style, and I have a niggling feeling that you'd end up favouring one much more than t'other?

    Having said that, I do think the aqua is fabby fabby fab. Would seem to go with a lot of your stuff.

    Hmm, but vanilla Elgin would tone in veeerrrry nicely? How do you get on with the size?
  8. Aqua mabel- sorry i know it's not on your shortlist!!! i really think if you get another Roxy it should be a winter colour so i'd say NOT the aqua Roxy. Coral agyness- well you already have a pink hanover so think you've got the pinky thing covered so out of your shortlist I'd say ..........

    vanilla Elgin!
  9. SJ I'm going to throw the cat amongst the pigeons and say "Have you thought about something in coconut???"Will go with absolutely everything.
  10. :lol:So sorry to do this, but poor little Jody feels very left out. She never gets picked on the playground!! lol
    But, seville looks great with black, white, navy and green. Def would not work with pink or turq, but you have magenta Hanover and Lemon Roxy.

    Sorry, but I have to stick up for her!!:upsidedown::lol:
  11. ^^^ I`m hoping that it goes into the summer sale - would have to get one then - be rude not too !!!

  12. Me, too :tup:
  13. See what happens - give you lot a shortlist & you go off your own sweet way & come up with lots of others I've now got to think about! And you wonder why I can never make a decision.
    Jo - Aqua Mabel is gorgeous on a level with George Clooney but I would hate that antiqued leather. It even says on the website it will scratch easily - no, no, no, I'd be beside myself the first time it got scratched. Vanilla Elgin is a real possibility - just unsure I can carry it off being only 5ft 2.
    Flossie - I haven't spotted anything interesting in coconut, it's always been embroidered & that's a bit too hippy for me.
    Kroquet - That seville is another lovely one but it's going to clash big time with the pink clothes I've just spent too much money buying. Think that could be a great winter colour.
  14. I would vote for aqua roxanne,hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the decision making.
  15. ok, if you are 5' 2'' Elgin might be a bit big! you want me to say aqua Roxy don't you!!!!?:graucho: