SJ's Alana - here she is!

  1. Here's my new addition to my Mulberry family, the black Alana. £247 from the factory shop so a real bargain!
    Modelling pics later when I've glammed up.....
    Alana 2.JPG Alana 3.JPG Alana.JPG
  2. Looking good! :tup: :woohoo:

    I have decided that I *need* a new black bag for the winter. Annie is currently top of my hit list, but I'm liking this one very much.

    Looking forward to the modelling pics later :smile:
  3. Absolutely lovely congrats!
  4. Lovely! Can't wait to see modelling pics!

  5. Oh heavens - that means I need to do my make up and put on decent clothes!! The downside to working from home is sitting at your desk in crappy clothes and bad day hair!

  6. Don't worry, it'll be the bag we're all looking at!!!:rolleyes:
  7. Yes, I need to see the proportion to the body. Is it heavy? How do you get in and out? Why did you choose the Alana? Do tell all!
  8. Oooooh, she's lovely :tup: Has she been taken out yet?

    It's funny how we all seem to neglect black and go for oak or chocolate but the black darwin is gorgeous, too.
  9. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  10. TropicalGal - Modelling pics on the way! Alana isn't a lightweight but it's nowhere near as heavy as Roxanne, Emmy etc. I carry quite a lot around - organiser, phone, keys; cosmetic bag, purse, sunglasses, so weight was a real consideration.
    That was what put me off Phoebe and Annie, they were just too heavy once I got all my gear in.
    It's easier than some Mulberry bags to get into. The buckle at the front has a hidden popper style fastening behind it. The whole top section lifts up and back (I'll post pics tomorrow showing it). There's also a neat pocket on the front where I keep my phone.
    I usually go for quite ladylike bags so I really liked the fact that Alana (and Emmy) has a rougher edge. It's a bit biker chic. My style tends to be quite classic, no frills or flounces for me. I went for the Alana because I needed a black bag and I wanted something distinctive and a different shape to my other bags.
    My winter staples tend to be my LV mono speedy 30, chocolate Soho or red Chloe Paddington. Also think I'll be using my tangerine Araline a lot.
    The Alana stood out for its shape and the fact that it's a shoulder bag with one strap.
    I was very tempted by the Emmy but decided against it because of the two straps.

    Ditab - No, she's not had her first trip out yet but I'm planning to take her with me to France next month. Planning my whole trip wardrobe around her!!
    It's still a bit too summery for her yet.
  11. I love this - congrats!

    Can't wait to see modelling pics and what a bargain! I have so nearly brought this bag on many occasions and seeing your pictures make me REALLY want it!

    On a side note I am soooo jealous you work from home!:yes:
  12. Oh I would love to work from home as well
  13. RachelA & Morgan20 - Working from home is mostly great although sometimes I miss the buzz (and handbag chat) of colleagues in an office.
    Can be easy to get distracted (by tpf mainly!!) instead of getting on with work.

    Modelling pics today, I promise!