SJP's shoes?

  1. If anyone has this week's copy of US Magazine, there is pic of Sarah Jessica Parker sweeping in front of her house. Can you guys tell me what the shoes are that she has on, and where I can get some? :flowers:

    P.S. - I tried to enlarge the shoes to the right of the pic so they are easier to see.
  2. yeah i agree i think they look like nike.
  3. Thanks! I am not a Nike fan, but I am going to check those out. Hope they aren't too narrow!
  4. I can't seem to get the colors to work out quite like hers...the toe box on hers is a dark grey, but Nike only has them in color. Probably last year's model or something. Or she got a custom pair. Does anyone have these? What's the deal with the "cloven" toe box?
  5. Did you look through the NIke Free line?
  6. No, what is that? I looked at their catalog online.
  7. The Nike Free line is very comfy and usually pull-on styles.
    I have 2 pair of Nike Free Now and Zen's and love 'em!
  8. Her's look more 'Euro' though to me. . . may be a Euro brand.
  9. Where can I find Nike Free online? Euro, eh? I will never be able to find these!
  10. Could they be Keens? Keen has a black toe guard in the front. If I could get a clearer pic I could tell you for sure.
  11. I can't remember the name of the style, but the are Nike's and they are from two years ago. I used to have them and sold them on ebay about 3 months ago:sad:
  12. LOL! If you Google Nike, free you'll gets lots, including NIke's own section of them. . . here's a page that at least shows you some:

    Mine are the Zen and Now, but none of them look like hers.
    I have them in olive and in beige and wear them nearly everyday. At Disney I was stopped 4 times in my olive ones, by 3 gals and one guy asking me about them!
    Here's mine in olive w/ pink, found @ Nordies.
  13. Oh Swanky...we just got back from Disney last Friday! Bit of a damper with the cat incident, so I had kind of forgotten. I lived in my Chacos and my feet were great! And I got to walk through all the fountains and get my feet wet! How was your trip? Did you hit all the parks? Did you ride "Soarin'?"
  14. It is an older model Nike Rift. My co-worker has one. She got them at the Nike outlet store.