SJP's Python Spy on EBay

  1. Is that authentic???? I WANT IT!!! Seems a bit low in price to me.
  2. Yes, I'm reasonably sure it's authentic. It's a great bargain

    ETA: Just realised that the title of the thread implies it's SJP's actual bag. Apologies for confusing anyone.
  3. I'm not a big fan of this bag...

    I think it's the white handles that make it look cheap or something
  4. Oh Estile - Fendi Guru - do you think it is Authentic as I think I am going to buy it
  5. Race ya!!!???
  6. Sunshine if you want it you go for it - I hate going head to head against fellow pf'ers!
  7. I was only joking dear!!! I love my metallic....I do adore it...BUT I would love to see it on YOUR arm posted in the Fendi section!! buy away!!!
  8. Sunshine - you have a metallic. You are my Spy Hero!
  9. I have had a few months and only just pulled it out 6 days ago...IT ROCKS!!! It looks good casual or dressed...I love it. Thanks!!!
  10. Still would love some to hear if you all think this is the real deal???
  11. Estile thanks so much for the pic - are you loving it or loathing it?
  12. Hey S_S still not sure. It's probably amazing IRL but I'm too sure about the colour combination. There is another python spy which has lots more browns in it and I think I prefer that (I'm so boring, I always go for "safe" colour options)

    You should definitely get it if you're interested. They are so rare, plus I can live vicariously through you.
  13. Estile lots of people are saying its not a great colour so not sure if I am just grasping at next spy after missing out on that Wysteria at Browns