SJP's Chanel bag?

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  1. Can anyone identify this bag? According to Just Jared it's a Chanel. This is the clearest pic on the web site.

    TIA :flowers:

  2. Is that not a Balenciaga Matelasse?
  3. No it is not a Balenciaga Matelesse, Matelasse bags are much bigger and puffier :jammin:. But I would agree with Tiffany_Darling that it is a Chanel.
  4. omg it's a chanel? it looks somewhere between a gucci boston and the balenciaga matelasse... it's nice to see a unique twist to the bag! more intel sil vous plait, merci beaucoup!
  5. Wow, it doesn't look like anything I recognize off the top of my head. Looks gorgeous though!
  6. doesn't look Chanel to me at all:shrugs:
  7. ^That was my first thought upon seeing it. I think I may see quilting on the face of the bag, but the handles and what not don't really scream Chanel.
  8. everyone is doing quilting now it seems like, but the hardware doesn't look Chanel to me at all.
  9. yahh i think it's the matelasse from bal, maybe in one of the new smaller sizes?
  10. never seen that one before. who knows. seems like many high end designers are inspired from each other.
  11. ^ yes, Pluiee is correct! It's the Balenciaga mini matelasse. It's a new style that just came out this past A/W 07 season.