SJP with Balenciaga Hobo?

  1. This looks like a b-bag to me, but I don't recognize the color and the base looks weird (so does the bale)...can anyone tell me if this is a Balenciaga hobo, and what color it is?

    I just :heart: SJP! She is SO cute.
    SJPandhubbyPeople resized.jpg
  2. its a balenciaga shrug
  3. I'm not going to be much help, since I can't tell either... but she IS so cute!! hehe I just finished watching season 6 of SATC and I just ADORE her!
  4. Could that be the shrug?
  5. LOL I was too late to reply!
  6. What is the difference between the Shrug, the Courier, and the shoulder bag....or is there one? I am getting confused!
  7. im positive its a shrug! i have one in magenta
  8. i am pretty sure the shrug does not close on top, it just has a flap.
  9. there's a big difference, et. The shrug is on ateliernaff, it's smaller than the day - and the courier is the biggest with a long strap.
  10. yup yup the shrug in chocolate? very pretty! havent seen that color before- usually I see it in a caramel color

    I think LP had/has one...
  11. Is the Shrug the same as the shoulder bag? Going to ateliernaff to check this out! Thanks. :flowers:

    Edit: Found it! Okay, big difference. About the same size, overall style, but the sides are very different, no zip pocket, and a flap with double buckles. I have never seen this one before. If anyone has this, please post pics! Does Balenciaga still sell this style? (Say that three times fast!)
  12. I saw the shrug for sale at Shirise's website (before they took them down) with this season's colors, so looks like they're still making it
  13. Yes, Shirise definitely has some. I saw them when I was there.
  14. I saw them too, didn't care for them. Shirise guy said they aren't as popular as the City/First ..
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