SJP Launches Bitten, Opens Up About SATC Movie

  1. Sarah Jessica proved today that fashion doesn't have to come with a big price tag. She opened the doors at Steve and Barry's to a hoard of shoppers wanting to get their hands on her new clothing line Bitten, which launched today. That isn't all she has going on. She's finally coming clean about the Sex and the City movie! Here's more:
    "I'm not being cagey for once in saying it might happen," she says. "As far as I know all the actresses would love to be together again and do this movie."
    But she knows it will take a lot of work for it to happen. "This is a very complicated puzzle to put back," she says. "We have to replicate sets that are gone, re-create apartments and everybody has to feel good about why they're there."
    Just like everyone else, we think the film is long overdue! Hopefully the ladies will be able to pull it off. Can't wait to see Carrie and the ladies reunited in the city once again!
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  2. I kinda don't want a movie. They were all pretty happy at the end of the series.
  3. i was going to go to the new beverly hills store opening today but decided against it. i told myself that if sjp's name wasnt on the label i probably wouldnt even be interested in the clothes anyways.

    anyone get anything?
  4. Is it available to buy online? I actually like a lot of it. (Unlike Stella McCartney's For Target range!) Wonder if we will get it in Oz?

    As for the SATC movie, well, it will be good to see them all together again, but I'll be honest - I don't think it will live up to the series or the hype it will cause.
  5. ^^ sorry not available online. the bitten line reminds me of the gap/old navy, blah.