SJP and SPY bag fix, all in two photos...

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. She looks SO GOOD, all casual, with THAT BAG!!!
    saraheaster.jpg saraheaster3.jpg
  2. much I love her!!!!!!!...the bag is really cute, too!
  3. likeafeather..are you a nikka costa fan?
  4. I love SJP. She looks fab.
  5. Is she a singer? I've hear of her but never actually heard her perform. So, I guess I am not a fan (yet?). Why?
  6. I just adore SJP!!!!
  7. She has such great style!
  8. like a feather is one of her songs...:shame:

  9. Oh, really???? I should find it and listen to it now! :lol:
  10. Her bag is nice!
  11. SJP and a Spy Bag - great eye candy!
  12. Love Her! Love Da Bag!
  13. i adore her...the bag too
  14. Cool!!
  15. SJP will always be my New York goddess! I looked at that Spy, but I can't do exotics...very colorful, though! has it if anyone is looking!
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