Sizzlin' Sable from Paris to the USA overnight. VEAU VEAU VEAU!!

  1. well its here! got here this morning and my DH picked it up at fedex for me like an amazing DH should!

    it was in the car when he picked me up from my London flight!

    Paris and London were fab....

    and I pulled this bag out and I love it more than in the store.

    36cm HAC veau natural....sable color. Amazing leather that will change over time

    want to see pics?
  2. Yes Please!
  3. Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!
  4. okay strait from Paris to here! my goodie!

    I posted several pics so you can see the color. Its a light tan...lighter than in my pics. stupid flash!

    but oh well! here they are!
  5. okay working on resizing. here are a few. its lighter than this. a light tan leather!
    hermes1.JPG hermes2.JPG
  6. and some more...
    hermes3.JPG hermes4.JPG
  7. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! I like the blind emboss, which makes it even more special.

    How does this leather compare to box calf?

  8. Whoa!!! It is gorgeous!! Congratulations!
  9. Beautiful!I love the color,:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :drinkup:
  10. Any modeling pics?:love: I would love to see how this size looks being carried.
  11. Just lovely! Vache Naturel is so beautiful!

    Be careful with this baby she is very delicate!!!

    Vache Naturel shows waterspots so like box, it cannot be near water of any kind.
  12. It's just stunning, congratulations!! The leather looks really yummie and the color is TDF, wow!
  13. Gorgeous color! Congrats!
  14. Thank you, Quinn's Mom.
  15. ^^^Congratulations!! She is beautiful!